Thursday, May 13, 2010

Send Clothes!

I am at the end of my closet...look what I am reduced to! Only 9 months in, 3 months left...and I am venturing into my son's closet for his x-large hoodies!

Oh, if only today was April 1!

My team had an outing to the Minnesota Twins yesterday. They won!

Just had to share...this is probably the worst you will ever see me dressed in public.

Thanks for checking in!



Thursday, May 6, 2010

Getting the Itch

I am currently in Arizona for work.

Yeah, right, you say as I am pictured in an evening gown!



No, really, I am attending a conference. My date for the evening was Charlie. Charlie invited me to attend the President's Dinner at this function, and I happily accepted.

I thought I would share what is a rare occassion - an evening gown.

So the itch...

Staying in a resort area means there are some amazing shops. I got here Saturday and happily walked in and out of these stores admiring the latest fashions. I enjoyed my browsing.

Last night, after reading a series of emails that made me say grrr, I headed back out.

I walked into these stores again, but the urge to buy was strong. Quite honestly, were it not for the packed I made with all of you to not buy anything I would have caved. I was in BCBG and there were some beautiful skirts, on sale. A mere $40+ and I would have bought one. "Mere" is sarcastic, as I have learned that enought $40 purchases add up to debt.

As I was in these stores getting quite upset that I could not shop, I decided it best to get out of there and figure out what the difference was between Saturday and this time.

I have been able to "isolate" that the need to buy, or the itch, is the same exact feeling you get when you are craving something, say a cookie. You were not hungry before you saw the cookie, but the thought of what the cookie would taste like, telling yourself you cannot have the cookie, and then walking away from the cookie is identical to the feeling I get when I want to buy something. The root cause for me is clearly the same - I am an emotional eater/shopper.

Not only did my debt drive me to experiment with no purcashes, but the need to make sure I was in tune with my emotions did as well. I identified quite some time ago that I had bought clothes out of boredom, anger, frustration and loneliness. Last night was frustration at a situation over which I had little control.

I called Ben and talked to him about the situation. The issue was not with him; he was just my sounding board. I felt better! I was able to then go to dinner having let go of these frustrating feelings and order a wonderfully healthy dinner and savor every bite.

I just wanted to get these words out. No real great epiphanies here; I just wanted to document my success story for me, and to thank you all here for rallying for me behind the scenes. I mean it sincerely when I said had I not had the commitment with all of you, I would have bought something last night. No doubt.

Thanks for checking in!