Thursday, May 13, 2010

Send Clothes!

I am at the end of my closet...look what I am reduced to! Only 9 months in, 3 months left...and I am venturing into my son's closet for his x-large hoodies!

Oh, if only today was April 1!

My team had an outing to the Minnesota Twins yesterday. They won!

Just had to share...this is probably the worst you will ever see me dressed in public.

Thanks for checking in!




  1. Hang in there Kel, your almost there and look what you will accomplish in this whole thing....You will have beaten an addiction for shopping, just as you did with your weight journey. You are amazing and I look up to your strenghts! I have a lot of clothes that dont fit and will be donating to good will soon. What sizes , I know you are tall, but maybe I have something that you might like!

  2. Oh, I still have many clothes left to wear! In showing team spirit for the MN Twins, this is what I was reduced too!

    Thanks Betty!

  3. Now that is my kind of outfit Kel!

  4. Where have you been? It's July now.... :(

  5. Tap, tap, tap...anyone here?