Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I am on a roll!

Well, if two days of blogging is a roll, then I am on it!

I may be back, but I also need to get to bed asap! I got up at 3:30 this morning for work!

The pics were taken when I got home from work, so the hair had fallen, the lipstick was all but gone, the dark circles, but my feet still felt good!

I am wearing my new birthday shoes today that I got from Karyn. Seriously they are comfortable!

I practically got dressed in the dark this morning...I had taken the dress out last night, and searched for a sweater by feel. I was happen it all seemed to work.

I asked my sweet Ben to snap a photo of my new bracelets too. The beaded bracelet that is on the bottom above is one of the new ones from Ben. The non-bangles above it are the new piano string bracelets Ben got me too!

I wore my adorable sassy earrings from Gretchen and Erika today. Sorry I did not get a close up!

Ta ta for now!

Good night and thanks for checking in!




  1. cute toes!!!
    And seriously you have got the NICEST legs!
    oh and I like the hair fallen and kind of messy it is cute that way!

  2. Cute ensemble!

    I love those bracelets and shoes.

  3. It's about time :-) You've been missed~