Monday, April 26, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me! (Anna this is for you!)

Yep, today is my birthday!

I turned 44 today, and from what I understand this is a master number; may it be a master year for me!

It was quite a day, and actually the culmination of a wonderful birthday weekend.

Being a blog about my fashion choices, it is only appropriate that I talk about my fashion gifts I received!

I wore one - actually several - of my gifts to work today!

I got this lovely sweater from Erika and Gretchen. They also gave me adorable earrings. I was torn today - to wear the earrings they gave me or the ones Ben gave me. Sorry ladies - I wore Ben's! I have an ensemble in mind to wear to work tomorrow that I will have to wear the sassy earrings from the ladies to go with another gift I got. I adore this sweater and the amazing shade of orange!

Yes, Ben have me adorable drop earrings, as well as a one of a kind bangle. It has lots of beads and sparklies. He says he had to get one of a kind, like me!

He also gave me these cool stretchy bracelets, that are made from piano string! There are 12 of them, and I can wear them all, wear one, the possibilities are endless!

I also received a pair of shoes from my dear friend Karyn. I wore this shoes last month in a runway show I participated in for Target. I loved them that day, and was so sad that I would not be able to purchase them. Karyn actually purchased them for me and worked through Ben to get them delivered to me for a complete surprise!


There were other surprise gifts that came from all parts of the country, making it quite the birthday indeed.

Gretchen mentioned at dinner last night that her friend Anna has been asking when the heck I was going to get back on the blog. I know it has been over a month! Just wanted to say thanks Anna for getting me back to do some blog writing! I'd like to say I was just waiting for my hair to grow out, but that would be a lie. Just been busy, I guess!

Thanks for checking in!




  1. I LOVE the sweater! And I'd love a close-up of those shoes with the orangey strap (unless you can direct me to a different day in your closet?). I'm glad you had a good birthday; it was fun plotting with Ben behind your back. It is, however, a relief to be able to call you heinous to your face now. :)

  2. happy birhday seven days late . you look great at 44 .