Saturday, March 20, 2010

Look what came home with me!

I love my Ben. Yes, he went to the mall with me. And because of him, look what I came home with!

You see, we have always talked about a vacation in Italy. In September, we are going to make it happen! Details are not ironed out yet, but we are going!

Ben decided I needed this hat. It would go so well with a morning espresso. It would be beautiful with an afternoon glass of wine at a streetside cafe. It would keep me shaded on the beach while I gaze at the Mediterranean.

I did go to Sephora, and I got my hair goop. I also picked up a blue liquid eye liner. Just because.

We went to William Sonoma. I bought chocolate to make cookies tomorrow. Ben's coworkers will be the recipients. I also bought San Marzano tomatoes, of which Creamy Tomato Soup will be the recipient, and eventually I will. Good stuff.

We bought a knife sharpener too. All that chopping requires sharp knives!

I tried on shoes. They were amazing. I talked more about why I have not bought shoes since August 12, 2009. I am going to Italy this year. It is worth it. Really. But, damn, these shoes were cute.


Thanks for checking in!




  1. OOO those shoes would look great with that hat... Sorry had to go there, Good for you because I would take a trip to italy (or Greece) over shoes or clothes but thats just me :) I love that hat it fits you well!!

  2. I'm so happy Ben bought you that hat! It would have been a shame for this hat to belong to anyone else. It fits you so well. :o)

    I love the picture you paint of you in Italy wearing it!

  3. Hi Kel, thank you for visiting my blog! You must be back from your trip. Hope you had a nice time.