Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sometimes you know when you look good...

And you can tell by the look in your man's eyes :).

I get dressed in the morning, and come downstairs. What I am going to wear is always a surprise to Ben. When he looks at me and pauses, just for a moment, and then says "wow!" I know it is good.

When I put on the shoes I am going to wear, and he says "you know, you are a pretty girl" I know he means it.

He had never seen this dress before! I have had it for almost 3 years. I purchased it on eBay, when I was doing a LOT of eBay purchasing. I was new to it, and it is a little addicting. When I won the bid, I would get so excited!

This dress is a Laundry by Sheli Segal. I really have to agree with Ben. This does look good on me! This is my favorite shape. I love a scoop neck best. I love a figure skimming dress. I love a neutral black dress that I can spice up with a wilder pair of shoes.

Funny that the brand is called Laundry. I literally had forgotten all about it; it was tucked away in the dry cleaning pile! It was cleaned and brought out for you today.

These are Nine West shoes. They are almost 4 years old. I recall seeing a woman at work with these shoes. I went up to this perfect stranger and asked "where did you get those shoes?" She was kind enough to tell me that she had gotten them at Herbergers. I went to Herbergers that night and bought them! They are fun, and actually quite comfortable!

I know you have not been able to vote for a while, but I can't bring it back today! I loved this too much!

Thanks for checking in!




  1. I love those shoes very cute!

  2. You look truly spectacular in this. You are definitely a Babe!

  3. I love that dress, Kel, can I borror it? Did you add a streak in your hair? Cool look! And Ben is right, you are a pretty person.

  4. This looks beautiful! I love the dress and the shoes are really cute. I'm glad you found this one buried in your closet. Is your closet looking emptier at all?