Sunday, March 7, 2010

I Loved this Hat!

But I did not buy it!

Just a quick hello. Yesterday was all about the food. Today I thought I would share some fashion talk!

Ben and I went out to dinner Friday night at a local mall. Dinner and a cocktail, more precisely. :)

I was not ready to head right home, so I dragged walked with Ben from store to store. He is so patient!

I tried in a sexy leopard dress at Cache. No chance of purchasing as that sucker was not going to zip. I really have a wide rib cage area. It makes it hard to fit sometimes!

Then we headed to the Mother ship: JCrew. I am happy to report the JCrew credit card is almost paid off! Not shopping since August has helped!

Ben had me try on this hat. it is honestly the only item I can say I would have left with were I buying. Isn't it cute! It would be great for sitting on a beach somewhere with a cocktail in my hand...

I tried on quite a few things, but nothing wowed me. That is a good thing!

Headed upstairs to make the bed. Today was a good cleaning day!

Have a great night!

Thanks for checking in!


  1. For Shame! Ah! That hat is so attractive on you!

  2. great hat! when does the year officially end??? ;)

  3. August 12th!!!

    Not that I am counting down or anything...