Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ben's Birthday Party!

I love Saturdays, don't you?

We are having a belated birthday party for my sweet Ben today. Happy Belated Birthday my love!

The majority of the day was spent in cycling shorts and jersey. I baked, Ben cleaned.

It is funny to me; as I dress I seem to remember where and when I made all these purchases. The shirt was on-line from I will miss them :(. The jeans? They are Joe jeans. I LOVE Joe jeans. I bought these at a cute boutique in Excelsior when my friend Sherri was visiting. November '08 if I remember currectly! The shoes - they were quite a find! I got these at Heartbreakers in Uptown (a section of Minneapolis). Ben picked them out. Comfortable, adorable and they were cheap! $8!! For the number of times I have worn them, they have averaged about 12 cents a wearing. (In other words, that is normally how I would justify an expensive purchase. Take the purchase price and divide it by the number of times you will wear it. )

BTW -cosmetic find of the week? The new Revlon Colorstay Lipstick - or is it a gloss? Anyways, I love red lipstick. However, I HATE that when I wear red it bleeds after a short time...wrinkles, unfortunately :( . This product does not move! I was wearing it for quite some time before these pics were taken, and I really was sipping that cocktail. None on the glass. Nice, huh? Ben even got a kiss or two, and no transfer. He liked that!

Off to finish prepping for my guests. I love entertaining, and I love to cook. However, that my friends would be an entirely different blog!

Have a great night!

And remember, it takes just as long to put on something cute as it does something, well, not so cute!

Take note of the voting poll at the bottom! I welcome your vote and your comment!





  1. Okay, love that color shirt on you! The jeans are hot and the shoes are amazing. I am going to have to vote for keep when I scroll down. Oh and love the braceletts, nice touch. :o) This outfits says to me, comfortable and sexy. I like the marriage of these two things.

  2. Happy Bday, Ben ~

    Love your spunky, happy hair.

  3. Also a big fan of red lipstick. (It likes teeth though. Have you noticed that too? That it clings to teeth more than any other lip color?)

    My fav is Red Salsa from Mary Kay.

  4. Kel love the shirt and the color looks great on you. Definitely keep! Something tells me your closet is going to be just as full next August as it is now. :)

  5. Great Look!!! You look awesome, that color looks very nice on you. :)

  6. Beautiful ensemble, Kel. You have such great taste, I think it'll be hard to find outfits to vote off...

  7. do love that color and happy birthday ben!

  8. HA! That comment from Wes is actually me - I was on his cellphone. (mrpicky) Glad I checked in! funny...