Monday, August 31, 2009

I'm in a Black and White State of Mind

Welcome to Monday!

I mentioned Saturday that we had friends over for dinner. I am not sure why, but we always end up searching through my shoe closet! It is like little girls playing dress up in Mommy's clothes!

My friend Chris, Gretchen's husband, asked "How do you decide which one to wear?"

"They talk to me. I open the closet door and say 'Hello girls, who wants to play today?' "

Today's shoes have been asking to come out to play since Saturday night.

As often happens, I decide which pair of shoes I want to wear first, and then build up from there.

With these shoes being ivory/black the choice was dress with ivory (faux) pearls.

As with everything I seem to own, the dress has a story. It is from a consignment store; I paid $2.00 for it last spring. I have worn it quite a few times. It is the perfect LBD...little black dress. I have quite a few LBDs. I like blank canvases - what can I say?

Taking pictures in the morning is proving to be a challenge. I looked at the shots and thought "what is up with my hair today?" Ben was quite patient with me as I critiqued picture after picture. Let's try this corner; how about sitting? BTW, ignore the couple making out behind me!

I love the dress and shoes - how about voting on the statue today? Should it stay or go?

Have a great evening!




  1. I vote the statue stays :) Hey it matches the dress!

  2. Here I was thinking it would be an easy vote and then you make it about the statue.....and now all I can think is "does this statue make me look fat?" I vote keep it - I like kissing!

  3. Wow, what a find for $2.00! You look great in it.

    I also vote to keep the statue. :)

  4. I vote keep. Keep everything in this photo! Also, keep the guy who took the photo! :)

  5. OMG I really, really love the black dress!!!!!Ditto on KarynD's comment!!!

  6. Classic look there Kel - keep it ALL! (okay, so maybe I have a tiny bit of fashion just doesn't show on me. ;) )

  7. Love the outfit & the chair. Statue can go. When I read the title of the post, I could hear Billy Joel singing "I'm in a New York state of mind..."