Sunday, February 21, 2010

Ah, exercise. So that's what it feels like?

I had a great walk yesterday.

Today, we ran. It has been 3 weeks (or more!) since Ben and I had gone out for a run. I vaguely remember a morning treadmill run in there is all so unclear. Kind of like my sinuses for the last 2 weeks.

Hoping not to be too graphic, but I think the best thing for my sinuses was getting out and running today. Lots of tissues used! But, I feel clearer than I have been in weeks!

It helps that the sun was shining and it was 36 degrees.

My body reminded me just what happens when you don't run for a while. I could not do the entire run; I probably did 2.5 miles out of the 4.2. Nonetheless, I burned 600 plus calories. Which came in quite handy, because today, I baked.

About 170 calories per cookie. Yeah, totally worth that run!

I had a busy morning; I poached a chicken, and now I have chicken for lunches for the week as well as no sodium chicken stock. I have a pot roast in the crock pot. I made the cookies. I even worked on the book.

I worked on the book last night too!

So, I had better get back to work.

Thanks for checking in; hope your Sunday is treating you well!




  1. So glad your feeling better and Hats off to you! So busy and you get so much done. Kel, your are truly someone who is not and never will be lazy! Thanks again for such a good recipe last night on the bean soup. I have printed out for the grogery store in the am. The cookies sound wonderfully sweet, I will try another day.

  2. oooo I was just looking for a treat recipe!! May have to try these.

  3. well if I could get the link to work. hmmmmmm

  4. Kel, if you get a chance, look for something called a netipot. I got one for my sinuses and headed off an infection, I think, right before my Tahoe trip. It basically helps you to run salt water through your nose - in one side, out the other. I always feel like the "I'm a little tea pot" song when I use it...tip me over and pour me out!

  5. Kel I love all those dresses, love the rock necklace, and I think the Christmas photo of you is awesome. Glad you're getting unclogged; as my faeries say, the stuck is becoming unstuck. Good news!