Saturday, February 20, 2010


I feel like a bear that went into a cave for 2 weeks to hibernate!

I can't believe I have not written on here for almost 2 weeks on Monday. I can't even think what happened during those two weeks. Certainly nothing remarkable.

There have been long hours at work, a head cold that kicked my butt-ocks, and lots of going to bed early. I wish I could tell you it has been a ton of excitement, but alas, it has just been a ton of February.

I think this is just the time of year to bury oneself under the covers and peek out every once in a while, just in case spring has arrived. Nope, not yet, go back under.

Ben had a lot of pictures on his camera, and here are a couple of them that recently made their way to me...


I am wearing a dress in this pic which, obviously, you can't see. However, it is one that has not been worn before - ever! It is an AnnTaylor Loft dress that I purchased off of eBay almost 2 years ago I believe. I had not worn it as I was unsure about one thing...did I look pregnant? Ben assured me I did not...but, hmmm, he did not send me the full body he trying to tell me something? I don't think so! The dress is very flowy and a-line, but has a tie in the back. There is just something about it that reminded me of a maternity dress I had. I love the color, and it worked well with this necklace.


I love this dress! It is far more appropriate in the spring and summer months, but I needed something that would make me stand out in a crowd that day. I auditioned for a runway show that Target is having at the Spring meeting. I have not heard back yet - keep your fingers crossed!

This dress is almost 3 years old now. I love the colors, I love the "loudness" of it, and it clings in all the right places. These shoes are sky high. I think they are probably my highest heel without a platform. They are from Nine West, and I picked them up at Marshalls two years ago.


Here is my new red stripe! I got my hair cut and colored on Wednesday of this week. I told Sheli is was time to have a little fun, especially since we are growing my hair out. She did a trim, and I asked for a stripe. I decided it was only appropriate to wear the same colors that were in my hair for my work "debut".

I don't think you have seen this dress before on the blog. Those of you that are here from Nutrimirror may recognize this dress as it is the one I wore for my Christmas video. Here was the picture that accompanied that video:


I just love that picture, so I had to share it! Ben obviously softened it up and brought out some drama with the colors, but it is old world glam to me.

I got this dress last summer at Off Saks, shortly before the shopping spree came to an end. I had to make it work appropriate so I added a trusty black cardigan. These are not the shoes I wore that day. The ones I wanted were my simple black pumps, and they were sitting under my desk at work, so these were the stand in....or shoe in! Ha!

Notice - we are back on the front porch! It was not frigid that morning, and I would not be seeing Ben for lunch, so we headed out doors. It was still cold, but he snapped quickly for me!

As for lunch time photos, Ben has gotten a new job with another company. It is a great move for him, but we are both sad that there will be no more lunches together. Photos will be back to the morning and back to the porch!

Off to get this Saturday started. Not too much on the agenda. I am grocery shopping, making a pot of soup (here is the recipe I will be using if you are interested), I will be taking a long walk, and I will be writing. Yes, writing as in the book. Ben was so sweet and cleaned the whole house yesterday, so it left me with no excuses!

I am so looking forward to that walk too. Two weeks without exercise is not a good thing. I have not been this exerciseless in about 4 years. Wow, it is easy to fall out of the exercise habit!

Have a great Saturday all!

Thanks for checking in!




  1. that dress is AWESOME. I want one now!!! The hair is cute too!! I hope you make the show- you are rockin both dresses and the nylons are way cool. I love textured tights and nylons- they add just the right touch.

  2. Kel, I love that photo of you in Blue and the NM Red dress. Thanks also for following me now. If your like me I get to reading the blogs I follow while my Hubby is watching TV. There are so many I like.
    James and I are going to try your bean soup Sunday night. It looks so good. I will put it in the NM recipe data base tonight. Thanks for posting it. Have a great weekend with Ben!

  3. va-va-va-VOOM! :o) This dress is so fantastically sexy! I really dig the red stripe in your hair!