Monday, December 7, 2009

Getting Back into the Groove

How quickly you can change your routine!

Taking care of the dog last week, camera issues, and stress took over; I did not have the desire to sit in the corner of my couch as I am doing right now and look at my computer screen.

I did try, but the words would not come. I guess, in reality, the entertaining words would not come. I find my blog to be something I like to do when I am in a good mood. Talking about my clothes does fascinate me; I also know how shallow that makes me sound!

I hope what many of you have come to know that it is not the clothing itself that I like talking about, but the feelings I recall when I think back to the purchase. What was going on in my life at the time, and perhaps in my own mind; I am realizing how different I am inside than I was during the time the purchase was made.

While I may disappear at times, know that I am just working through emotions and keeping you guys out of it. To a certain extent, writing about what I am feeling would probably help. If you can put up with it, I might just have an emotional rant or two :). I promise - I will never talk about finances (hell, you already know I can't buy new clothes), religion or politics. I don't do that with the people sitting next to me, why would I do that to you!

Thanks for your patience!

Today's ensemble is highlighted by a couple of new items!

The beautiful pashmina was brought back from India by my friend Taruna. I needed a little bright in my day today, and this fit the bill! I am not sure if you can see that there is a pattern on it, and the slightest variation in shading throughout.

I kept it wrapped today with a pin that I got as a Christmas gift years ago. Can you see the shiny little Christmas tree on my shoulder?

The pants are part of a suit I got at Ann Taylor 4 years ago. This was one of my "go to" suits in my traveling days. It works with a lower heel, as I wore on my days that I had to scamper through the airport, and it also works with a higher heel. I used to leave home on a Tuesday and get home Friday evening. I would wear a suit and pack a suit; I had 3 changes of shirts, maybe one change of shoes, all my toiletries and accessories in a carry on. If you ever need someone to pack for you, call me! I became an expert!

Speaking of shoes! One of the benefits of having a BFF that has the same shoe size as you? When she buys a pair, and they end up hurting her feet, guess who gets to be the recipient! Yee ha! Thanks Miss E!! A lovely little kitten heeled black faux lizard pump. They were very comfy! I do find, however, that I walk funny when wearing flats or kitten heels. What is up with that? Of course, maybe I walk funny all the time!

So, that is it for today's outfit.

I did my usually cooking and baking yesterday. I made an amazing cookie from Joy the Baker. Check out her blog - they are the chocolate mint "oreos. If you love tomato soup, you need to check out the one for creamy tomato soup on her site too. It was work, not a lot of work mind you, but well worth it! I also made a spicy peanut butter cookie that simply rocked and had no flour in it! You can find that recipe here.

Thanks again for your patince, and as always, thanks for checking in! Voting is below! Btw - I like the pieces, and but not the ensemble, so I am changing up the vote a little!




  1. I also vote for wedges - I love them. At the time of this comment, there are 0 votes for kitten heels; I have some but I waddle when I wear them. This pink pashmina is gorgeous and I love your little tree pin!

  2. I love the pashmina-that color looks great on you!