Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Not Enough Hours in the Day!

I am going to owe you guys so many stories!

Really, I have a ton of good excuses. Last night I was chatting via gmail with my son. Tonight I was getting my hair cut and colored, and after getting home needed to wrap my sister's Christmas gifts so I can ship them tomorrow.

Those are valid, right?

I am glad you liked yesterday's ensemble...time to vote for today's!

I can't wait for things to slow down just a little!!

Thanks for checking in!



p.s. How do you food bloggers write about your food every day??


  1. Kel, I just saw something on CNN that reminded me of you. It was about SHOES!! Have you heard of Simply Soles? If not google them if you will--there were shoes, purses and hats. Some of the shoes screamed Kel : )