Wednesday, December 16, 2009

On The Couch Early Tonight!

8:25 pm here. This is the earliest I have sat down all week!

Okay, the week so far :)

Monday: I couldn't wait to wear my new shoes! For as high a heel as they are, they were extremely comfortable. Remember, platforms are actually quite easy to walk in because the "lift" in the front actually reduces the heel height. If the platform is an inch, it reduces the heel height by an inch. That makes these about 4 inches!

I chose a dress that I had gotten last year at J.Crew. When I tell you the dress is cheap, I mean really cheap. I think it was around $20. I am quite fond of the little rosettes on the front. It would be great for an evening out as well.

But, it was work, therefore a cardigan. You all liked it; thanks!

Tuesday: Seems the black and white worked for you!

I got this skirt a year ago at Banana Republic. I love a high waisted skirt. I do not love, however, how this makes me appear "poochy." I am told by someone close to me here, ahem, that I am too hard on myself. Who isn't?

I am not sure I love the skirt. As positive as the votes were, does anyone want a high waisted black and white plaid skirt in size 6?

Now, take note of the hair color yesterday, and the hair color today. Nothing new, but I was finally able to get to my salon for a trim and a color! My goodness you should have seen the grey in my hair!! Seriously, I had about an inch of roots. Scary!

Today: ah, caught up!

This dress was purchased 3 years ago in La Jolla, California at Francesca's. If you recall, I thought they were some trendy downtown boutique. Little did I know it was a chain!

I love the combination of red/black/white so I was immediately drawn to the pattern. It is a shirt dress. The very first time I wore it, I decided it had to be worn with tights or leggings. When I sit down in it, you realize that perhaps too much thigh is exposed to be decent. I did have button issues twice today: thank goodness the only person I flashed was my friend Tricia!

Did I tell you that the Francesca's chain decided to torture me by opening a store at the mall a mere 15 minutes from me? At least before I had to travel 30 minutes either west or east to get to one. Now, they are way too close. They taunt me!

My friend Victoria (Hi Victoria!) was kind enough to refer me to a website she had heard about. Please, go there for me. Buy something amazing! At the very least check out Simply Soles.
Look at these shoes. Pretty enough to make a grown woman cry!

Speaking of pretty shoes, look at these babies. My friend Tricia sent this link to Ben!

Okay, time for me to stop looking at shoes!

If you are a "healthy eater" and are looking for breakfast options, check out this blog won't you?
Corrine understands eating "real food" and talks about it at Keep Your Diet Real.

That's it for tonight folks! I really do appreciate you checking in. If you are interested in that!




  1. Kel, I had to laugh when I saw the shoes that you singled out! Those were the exact shoes that made me think "those are Kel!" So glad you enjoyed the site. I like the dress today!

  2. Hey Kel, Thanks so much for the link :) I appreciate that. Those black boots are fabulous!!Oh and thanks for introducing me to the link for Simply Soles! Wow what a great site.

  3. Kel, I might have a quest for I would love to find a mint green vintage style pump with a small-ish heel (1-1.5 inch). Where do you think I should look for something like this?? Thanks!