Saturday, January 9, 2010

Casual Friday and a Date Night

Thank Goodness yesterday was Friday bringing me to today - Saturday!

Yesterday was a particularly stressful day at work, so I was quite happy when the day ended. At about 2pm I sent Ben a text asking if maybe we should go have pizza, salad and wine for dinner. He liked that offer !

We did have lunch together (missed photo opportunity) and then had the dinner date (missed photo opportunity) and finally got home around 8 and I thought, ugh, I need a photo! The downstairs is a disaster, so we headed upstairs.

My favorite Joe Jeans are not looking like my favorite in this picture. I won't say they MMLF (make me look fat for those of you new to the acronym) but there is something wrong about how they decide, but I am keeping the jeans. Harumph! I am sassy this morning, so watch out.

Sassy is another way of saying that every hormone in my body is screaming for attention and I can go from happy to sad to cranky in a matter of seconds. Sigh.

Check out my new tshirt! My BFF Erika went to England to see her new "uzband" (that is my French pronounciation) and brought me back this adorable tshirt! I laughed when I saw the tag - it is part of the new Miley Cyrus collection. Like that kid needs more money! The tshirt is probably the softest tshirt I have ever felt. I guess it is worth that kid making another buck.

The cardigan is from Target 3 years ago. A girl needs her red sweater when you work at Target!

Our date night was lovely. A couple pieces of veggie pizza, a large glass of malbec and a salad shared by the best company a girl could ask for!

This has been a lazy morning thus far. I slept in, finally got up and made oats for breakfast, and then sat down and have been cruising food blogs for recipes to try this weekend. Meanwhile, Ben is cleaning like a maniac. He cleaned the kitchen and when I commented he said "I am just getting the palette ready for more paint." He is so good at cleaning up after me, and getting the kitchen ready for cooking weekends. Left up to me, I would have to find places to put grocery bags on the counter. Now we can actually see the counter.

The only plans so far are to go to Trader Joes. In cleaning out the refrigerator and cabinets last weekend I know what I need more of, and what I don't need more of. I do not need more Roast Beef Hash, Green Chiles or Tuscan Balsamic Vinaigrette. Somehow, however, I have no doubt I will end up with another can or two of chiles. Ben is convinced in the event of disaster, people will be hoarding the green chile. We are ready if they do. Need some? Let me know! (I have 14 cans at the moment!)

I also have a smoked trout in the refrigerator...that might have to be dinner for tonight.

Oh, well, off to torture Ben with more of my sassiness. We will take a freezing cold run (it is 8 degrees with wind chill advisory warnings of -35) then I will shower and dress. It will be a shower but no make up Saturday! Okay, maybe a little mascara and carmex for the lips. Have to keep them unchapped, you know!

Hope your day is great! Thanks for checking in!




  1. Kel, love the T! The jeans are still a keeper for another day with another look as you always pull together a cute outfit! On the other hand, the weather there sounds cold as h%@@ and boy do I feel like a spoiled cry baby after what I wrote in my NM post yesterday and here you and Ben are, running in that cold of temps! I felt that slap on the hand, so I'm off to walk! Thanks!

  2. Kel, I like the jeans! They don't look wrong or bad to me at all and I'm a huge fan of red! I think you look smashing! I'm so impressed that you and Ben are running in this weather. I dash from my car to the nearest door, but refuse to spend more time out there than that. You are a much better woman than me! Sweet Ben, cleaning up after you - he is such a keeper! Have a great, relaxing Sunday and here's hoping that your week ahead at work is less stressful.

  3. I think those jeans look great, really great! They are sexy and just right for a date night.