Sunday, January 31, 2010

I really do love Sundays

Hello all!

Playing a little catch up on relaxation. I ended up working yesterday, so this is really my one day off this week.

I have for you Friday's photo!

Must have been a JCrew kind of day! I am wearing a Cardigan and tshirt that both came from JCrew early last year.

You can see the energy level on Friday was l-o-w. I had not the energy to put eye liner on in the morning, nor did I have energy to strike a pose! Ben took this across the table during lunch.
I was even too lazy to prepare lunch, so we went out. I knew what I would have - a delicious veggie wrap, so it was a safe choice despite being not made at home. hair was quite jacked up too I see. Good thing I spent most of the day at my desk!

Today I am reading food blogs, and headed to the grocery store shortly. Erin introduced me to an amazing food website that I like even better than foodbuzz. Check it out here.
I like the layout better. This website is a little like going grocery shopping. Don't go there on an empty stomach! No one is guaranteeing that everything on there is healthy, but it all looks delicious.

Speaking of empty stomach, I think I need a snack before heading out!

Thanks for checking in!




  1. I really love that color of blue on you! It is very nice. Hope you have a more restful week coming up : )

  2. You look so relaxed and happy!! By the way, thanks for your words of wisdom today :)

  3. Kel, I think this is one of the best photos I've seen of you! I love your smile and carefree look on your face.

    That shade of blue is a striking adn lovely contrast to your complexion and hair!

  4. You look like a little teenager in that sitting pose. So cute. I love the blue sweater! Thanks for the food site!

  5. Yay so glad you are enjoying the foodie blog so much! I just wanted to pipe in and tell you that your hair doesn't look jacked up in the slightest..I think it and you look great! I'm also in agreement about the blue; your skin is simply radiating.

  6. Love the blue! Kel I hope things settle down for you soon.