Monday, January 18, 2010

An Early Bedtime for this Gal!

I have a confession. I have not been sleeping very well. I think I am internalizing some stress.

I thought about writing about that stress tonight and letting it all out.

Instead, I will make an effort to get to bed early so I can get up early and work out in the morning. I have been working late which gets me home late which means if I want dinner and time to unwind I cannot fit in a workout too. Working out is key for me to de-stress. It is especially important when I cannot shop away or eat away the stress! Of course, I had to have a 7:30 meeting scheduled for tomorrow morning, so it will be a 4:30 alarm. Ugh. I need to go lay out my clothes for my workout so that I don't wake poor Ben!

So, with that, I give you this brief outfit description!

I got this blouse on eBay last year. It must be worn with a camisole or you will see more about Kel than I would like you to see!

I paired it with a pair of pants from Ann Taylor. It is part of a suit. I just chose not to cover up my cute blouse with a jacket today!

The've seen them. Nothing special here!

The hair is doing okay. Not sure what that piece was doing during today's photo, but it kind of has a mind of it's own lately! I am getting a trim tomorrow. Just a trim!

That's it! Headed off to bed!

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  1. Happy Dreams,Kel, and love the blouse!

  2. Kel, you look super cute today! I love black on black and that blouse is very pretty. I so understand work and stress right now. Got the same sort of thing happening where I get home late and don't have time to exercise. Makes for a very grumpy Lori. Hope things calm down for you soon. As for me, the project I'm in charge of kicks off today at 7am. It will be a rough few days but will begin to get better then. Love you Kel!

  3. I hope you are able to sleep is so important!

    I love that top! This kind of blouse always makes me feel very sexy when I wear them.