Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hands off the Skirt!

Ben says you cannot vote on this skirt.

He really loves this skirt. When I met him for lunch today he had the sweetest (devilish) expression on his face. When I asked him what that was about he said "You look really good. I love that skirt."

This is interesting, to me, at least. Had I been free to purchase new clothes for the last 5 months, I realize that this skirt would have been pushed further and further back in the closet. It might never have made an appearance. If that had happened, I never would have seen that sweet look today.

Maybe this challenge has indeed been a good thing.

That annoying hair is still there today.

This is the second outing for this skirt; you saw it first here.

This may be the third wearing for the sweater. The first wearing you saw? Here!

You have not seen this blouse before. I got this at Ann Taylor about 3 years ago. I love wearing it with these pearls. Lots of repeats today, huh?

Ben made me laugh a lot today. He is so good for my stress level (as in improving it) and so good to me!

On that note, I am going to head off to bed. I have a feeling the early bedtime and the early morning workout (4:45 a.m.!) contributed to my good mood today.

I am going to try for it again tomorrow! I did give blood today, so there is a chance that workout won't happen. We'll see!

Thanks for checking in!




  1. i think your hair looks really cute.

  2. I REALLY like these pictures of you...and I love the outfit, all of it. I'm with Ben, no way are you getting rid of that skirt. So cute and playful but professional all in one.