Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ah, The Pleasures of Work...

Good evening Blogworld!

Welcome to Tuesday evening. Is it really only Tuesday?

I think I have mentioned this here before, but when we were kids my dad used to tell us not to wish our lives away. You know what he means. Oh, I wish it was May and it was spring and getting warm...or, Oh I wish it was July and the weather was beautiful and I could ride my bike after work...

I am not wishing for anything big, or jumping ahead months at a time. I just want it to be Friday! I feel like I wake up every day hoping it is Friday. Even when Saturday arrives I am already lamenting. At least on Fridays there is the excitement and anticipation of the weekend.

You all know - I don't have an amazing social life where we meet friends every weekend. We rarely make it to a movie. I just love the peace and quiet of home. I often putter around the house without any music or the television. I busily work in my kitchen chopping, mixing, baking...without any sounds to interupt my tasks.

At work, there is constant noise; if it is not someone in the next cube talking on the phone, then they are chit chatting over the cube walls. To drown it out, I turn on my iPod. Even that annoys me to a certain extent. I really like working in silence. Am I the only one?

Where the heck did all of that rambling come from?

Damn. It is still Tuesday.

So, the outfit!

You have seen this skirt before here. It is indeed a different outfit! Darned close though. Phew!

I paired this with a sweater set I got a Target 2 years ago. This is a cashmere sleeveless sweater with a matching cardigan. I have the same one in grey that I have worn for you all before. Here it is. I warned you that I have a winter "uniform". This is pretty much it today!

Ben and I had another impromptu date. It was a great way to end a Tuesday. Of course, any date with Ben is a great way for me to end a day!

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  1. I agree that for me there's nothing that beats a quiet evening at home with Ralph!

  2. Kel I'm right there with you; I would much prefer to be home, and also love the quiet after a week filled with noise. I think this outfit is so pretty. Very put together, simple, and comfy.

  3. Kel, I love the quiteness of the day. The times I am quite! How come our brains never are? I think the noise in our head gets as loud at the person working next to you. Then the moments we have with our love on...Mine is my hub, yours is your Ben....Those are the peaceful moments!

  4. I have to lend my voice to you and the others, I too enjoy being home. :o) It is peaceful. Although I do like the radio or cds on at home sometimes.

    I really like the outfit! You look like you're in a fancy law firm's lobby.