Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Can You at least Crack a Smile?

Something has got to give! I have been a cranky girl lately! I have been extra tired in the mornings, despite a 10pm bedtime and sleeping in later than I should. It has been so difficult to get out of bed! Even the fact that there was no rain in the forecast wasn't changing my attitude. Poor Ben. We headed outside for the "photo shoot". It was still a little chilly but at least there was some sunshine. We had taken a few picture when Ben looks at me and says "Can you at least crack a smile?" He got me to laugh!

I got an even bigger laugh when he sent me the picture this morning. He cut out my scowling face and made those into the detail shots! Now that is a good art director. Thank you sweetie!
If only he could cut out the wrinkles!

This morning there were 4 wardrobe changes...yes, 4. As I told Ben when I finally got downstairs, I just didn't feel good in any of the outfits. If I repeatedly do this I will never make it to August! I know the items I rejected today will make an appearance eventually - they will have to - but today they just made me feel blah. I decided safe was better than blah.

I ventured into the fall/winter skirts. I pulled this one out; it has always been a favorite of mine. It appears gray/grey, but it is actually one of those teeny tiny checked black with white. There is probably some name for it, but I am drawing a blank at the moment. The turtleneck choice was more a sign than a choice. As I was rummaging through the stack of tops at the top of my closet, this one fell to the ground. I looked, held it up and said "you will do". The tights? Maiden voyage of the season!

The skirt is 2 years old from Banana Republic. It was one of those fall in love/have to have it skirts. It is very versatile. You will no doubt see it again this year! I love to wear it with boots, but decided not to go in deep with tights and boots. It is only October for goodness sake!

The turtleneck is from the clearance rack at the Gap 2 years ago. Carrie - every time I put on a turtleneck now I think "Carrie isn't going to like this!". I like the cap sleeves. I knew, however, that a jacket or cardigan would be a must.

The jacket? It is from Target, and I believe I got it 3 years ago. I am embarrassed to say this; I have worn it once. That is what happens when you grab something trendy and don't think about how you will wear it; you just know you want it. I was happy to see similar jackets as I strolled through the Target store this morning...I will get to that in a minute!

Accessories for today? This necklace is old - even older than yesterday's dress! It is at least 13 years old. Wow! It is a herringbone - which I don't even know if they make anymore! I love the thickness, the shine and that it is bright silver on one side and then it has a pebbled/textured side with a silver and gold pattern. A small pair of white gold hoops completes the look.

Another reason that I chose shoes instead of boots today was that I was afraid that I would be a tad too intimidating if I had too much leather on today!

So, my trip to Target to buy conditioner today resulted in an item that got away. My friend Erika and I were walking through when we saw this jacket in pink...oooh, look at the green...oh, no, look at this one. It is plaid with purples and grays...I had to do it. I had to put it on and have Erika take my picture. I love this type of jacket. It can "act" like a blazer, but it would be adorable with jeans! I hung it back up, and said goodbye to it. It was $40. That brings our total for items I have not bought to...drum roll please...$318. Wow - $318 can buy a plane ticket. I will have to start thinking like that to keep me going!

Okay, Ben had to work tonight, and he is going to be home shortly, so I 'd better wrap this up.

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Thanks for checking in!



p.s. My art director just told me that you all can click on the pictures! You can then get a much better shot of all of the details! I had no idea!


  1. I like the outfit and both jackets. The shoes don't look bad with the outfit. I can see you with some black boots on with that outfit also.

  2. I like it! Even the turtle neck. ;)

  3. OK this clicking on the pictures thing is fantastic! Yay Ben! :) I like the skirt and both jackets. Love the "pick me!" turtleneck story.

    I saw a red trenchcoat at Target that I covet but am not buying a coat until I reach maintenance!