Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Vegas Weekend Continues!

But before we get to!

I had a wonderful night's sleep, but you would never know it from the looks of me today! I feel far better than I look! I think my coffee just had yet to kick in!

There are some days where I can walk into the closet, see a dress, and know I want to wear it. Fortunately today was one of those days! My only concern was - will it zip? It did, and I was happy!

I got this jumper November 2007 when my friend Sherri was here. It was tried on by another friend we were with, and I was delighted when she didn't like it! It is hard to see but it is red and grey houndstooth (I think). I have worn it with a red turtleneck, but figured Carrie would not like that. Just kidding Carrie! The red turtleneck, once located, was too wrinkled to wear. I decided on the red sweater instead. Honestly, I think the red sweater is too bright for the dress. I tried on a black cardigan too; this was the lesser of two evils! The dress is rather form fitting, as you can see. Despite it's length, or lack of length, I was comfortable in it, probably because of the tights.

I went with some textured tights, thinking I would wear boots. I went into the closet for the boots, and the Banana Republic pumps spoke to me. The look on Ben's face was all I needed to know I made the right choice.

All for your approval/appraisal below! I look forward to it. I really missed you guys!

Monday in Vegas was a typical "vacation day". We slept in, well, as best we could since we still woke up at 6am every day. After yet another buffet breakfast, we headed out for a great 90 minute walk. I do enjoy walking on the Vegas strip; the people watching is fantastic! The weather was grand! After our walk we headed back to the hotel for more time by the pool.
We had an early date at 5 to meet up with SylviaAnn (those of you from NM know who that is!). I took my time getting ready; I chose to wear one of the dresses I bought since we had dinner plans for 8pm, and, well, I had no choice!!

Sorry I don't have a full dress shot for you. This is a Betsey Johnson dress that has spaghetti straps, but the wind made it a little impossible to wonder about without a sweater. I got the dress last year on eBay. It is a nice stretchy dress, yet it is also very clingy. I was happy that it fit in all of the right places!


I am sad to say I do not have a picture of the ensemble I wore on Tuesday. I promise it was not a repeat. I did wear the same jeans that I was wearing Saturday but with a different tshirt.

Since there are no Tuesday pics I will leave you with one more wedding photo!

This picture is our friend Jennifer, Erika, me, and another friend Stephanie. Erika and I work with Jennifer now; we both worked with Stephanie in the past. I am going to start charging people that steal my pose! (You can click to make the picture biger; I have to figure out this resizing thing because they come out too big for the blog!)


I hope you all enjoyed the wedding pictures!

Don't forget to vote on today's ensemble! Off to write the NM TGIF with Kel!

Thanks for checking in!




  1. I'm so glad you didn't wear a turtle neck! You have such nice collar bones. :o) I think you are right about the sweater being too bright, but what can you do, eh?

  2. I'm so glad you're back! I like the outfit, even though my response isn't to ogle you as it sounds like Ben did. :)

  3. I'll agree that the sweater is a bit too bright, but I really like the dress.

  4. Kel, I love the red sweater. I think that it makes the whole outfit pop.