Sunday, October 4, 2009

SaturDay intoSaturday Night

Saturday was a very busy day! It is now Sunday afternoon and I am just getting to yesterday's post. Where does the time go?

The day started very early at 5:30. Up and at 'em! A quick breakfast and then we were on the road to downtown St. Paul. Ben and I were running in the Medtronic Twin Cities 10k. It was drizzling rain, a dreary cold morning. Despite that, the race was successful. My goal was to a) finish and b) not walk any of it. Both were achieved and I crossed the finish line at 1 hr 3 minutes. I was happy with that! I will work towards under an hour next time.

We headed home, I had a bowl of oats and then crashed for a nap!

Finally coming back to life around 1, it was time to hit the shower. Hmmm, feeling somewhat peckish, I decided I needed to eat something first. An egg white spinach and cheese sandwich hit the spot. A visit to NM, and by 2pm, I was finally getting to that shower!

The only plans for the day were a trip to Trader Joe's (yeah!) and a evening out with Ben. I decided this would be a great day to look at transitioning from Day to Night with my clothes.

A trip to Trader Joe's really is fun for me. I need comfort, yet style. Remember, no Mom jeans here! I was feeling like I needed a little sparkle, so these jeans were a natural.

I have had these jeans for 5 years or so. Another purchase from Catwalk in Illinois. I loved the distressed look mixed with a little bit of "bling" with the sequins scattered on them. It has been ages since I wore these jeans, probably because they were too tight last year!

I matched it with a new shirt. NO, I did not buy this shirt! Erika had gotten it for her daughter Grace from Kohls. It didn't work out for her, so I called dibs! Yes, it is a girls XL t-shirt. I loved the sparklies on it! A cardigan and my Born sandals completed the look.

Because I was headed out later, I kept the makeup simple.

I wanted to include this apple I got from Trader Joe's in the picture. It is HUGE! It is a honeycrisp; they are my favorite kind of apple. They are expensive as heck, but well worth it. Hmmm, maybe next year I will need to blog about not buying expensive apples!

After we got home and unloaded all of the groceries, I headed upstairs in search of this turtleneck. I wasn't sure if I would be able to find it; it has been ages since I wore it. It is from Michael Stars and it is part of his Shine collection. It is a little sheer; you should have seen what the picture looked like when Ben used the flash! Sadly, I can't remember where I got it from! Was it Nordstroms, or an online purchase? My memory is getting foggy at my age...

I paired it with a pair of brown boots I got last year at Off Saks. Why did I buy so much from there? Because they are very close to where I work! Far too accessible, and I love their shoe department! I needed new brown boots; the ones I had purchased a couple of years before were on their last dying beautiful brown suede legs; I decided leather was a better option than suede this time around. Yes, Karyn, my boots are all stiletto heels, so they may have helped the jeans from casual Friday.

This fun little fur jacket is from Target. I got it 3 years ago. I love to pair it with jeans or even dressier options. I had to have a jacket because it was freezing last night!

A little heavier makeup, and Ben and I were ready for our date. We headed out to our favorite tequila bar Barrio, but we were trying the new St. Paul location. It was just as good as the one in Minneapolis I am happy to report! Some delicious chips, guacamole, a shrimp taco, some crab soup, and a margarita (no salt please) and I was a happy girl!

Today is no shower no make up Sunday! It has already been a lazy one. I don't think you want a picture of me in my bathrobe! I will be headed out to take a walk on this cloudy dreary Sunday, but again, nothing special about workout pants and a sweatshirt. After the walk, I may break down and take a quick shower. After that, I am baking! A wonderful way to wind down the weekend. Pumpkin bread and chocolate chip cookies are on the agenda; I already made dinner which is a delicious Baked Tortellini Soup.

Hope your weekend was spectacular! Vote on the Saturday ensemble below at the very bottom of the page!

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  1. Kel, I'm not usually a fan of belts, but I think this is what's missing for me. Other than that, love it! I don't have much experience with clothes though, so I'm not really the best judge. You do have a way of making clothes look fantastic! I think you really should be a model. :o)

  2. Kel, that jacket not only says "Kel," it SCREAMS "Karyn"! So now I'm finding myself biased about the whole outfit - I don't care for the jeans (but they look great on Kel, and this is HER blog not mine!). The little doo-dad sewn onto it is giving me a 60's flashback, only in the 60's we embroidered our own jeans. I still have my 1969 embroidered jeans but unless I become a skeleton I will never fit in them again. Me me me. Sorry! Back to the blog - Kel if we get through a whole year of you wearing something different every day, and you never appear in your bathrobe, I will be SO impressed! :)

  3. It would be so funny if on the 365th day you were photographed in your bathrobe and slippers! That leads me to a question about getting rid of the items voted off...when does that happen? If an item is voted off does it immediately get taken out of rotation? Are you donating or selling as the process rolls along?

    I voted to can both outfits, due to voting choices, but I think the t-shirt, sweater, turtleneck, and boots are keepers.

  4. The joke at work is that I will start having a lot of Work From Home days towards the end!

    If an item is voted off, it does get taken out of rotation immediately. I planned to sell, but if anyone here loves something, send me an email at

    I am painfully behind in updating the voted off items from the last 2 weeks!

  5. NOW I get the torture! I wish I had time to check in every day. I remember the embroidered jeans, as well as the denim shirt my mom embroidered for me - those were TOO cool!

    How do you wear those heels, Kel??

  6. I like that nice healthy apple you have in your hand! ;)