Thursday, October 1, 2009

Now I Can Die and Go To Heaven!

I went to the cafeteria today to get a coffee and a milk.

When I was paying, the cashier (a male) said "I hope this doesn't embarrass you, but you look just gorgeous today! The necklace, the dress, let me see your shoes!"

He leaned over the counter. When he saw my shoes, he exclaimed "Now I can die and go to Heaven!". I smile every time I think about it!

It is funny; as more of my co-workers are finding out about the blog, I am getting more comments on my clothes. The guys are even getting into it! I had to explain to Joe today that I can repeat any of these items - the dress, the shoes, the necklace - they just can't be put together in one ensemble again. You can read my self imposed rules here on my first blog.

My art director took some action shots of me today. Our photos from this morning were meh as we could not go outside and the lighting wasn't working. We took this as I headed out to the car after work. Does that Revlon Lipstick last all day or what?

Today's dress is an Anne Klein that I purchased on eBay last year. It has many elements that you know I love - ruching (sp?), a sweetheart neckline, the look of a wrap dress, and a slinky material. In looking at the pictures from today, however, I am not in love with this dress. I guess it makes me sad that if you were to vote it off, it would not break my heart. I don't want these thoughts to influence you; please give me your honest opinion.

I do love these shoes, however! I got them last year on QVC (yes, on QVC) and they are Arturo Chiang. I saw them later on Piperlime. I love the slight platform, the pattern, the heel, and the material; they have a fine fur texture.

I should mention one of my other favorite shoe sources. I love endless! They offer free overnight shipping and have an excellent selection. You can search on a brand; my favorite searches were Betsey Johnson and Naughty Monkeys. I know; shocking!

The necklace I chose today was not the first one I had on. I had a far more neutral set of beads on but I felt too drab. I went back to the armoire for some more color; I selected this necklace that I got years ago on QVC. I have had it so long I don't remember when I got it, or quite frankly, the last time I wore it! I am such a silver girl, that it is not often that I will wear a metal that is not silver. It was fun and gave me the bright I was looking for.

Speaking of silver, Ben thought it would be a good idea to show you my bangles! I wear these everyday, except for the occasional weekend day when I may wear only one or two. They have become my signature look. Mixed in with them is my favorite Movado watch. There are 11 bangles; I just counted! Each bangle means something different to me, and represents a different time in my life. They announce my arrival with a slight "ting ting ting" as they bang against each other. I really do feel naked without them! The turquoise ring you see? I wear that everyday. Ben got it for me in New Mexico and I love it!

As much as I love dressing up, I am really looking forward to Casual Friday tomorrow. It is cold and rainy here. I feel a warm sweater day ahead!

I need to go finish my Nutrimirror Friday column and spend some time with my art director!

Thanks for checking in!




  1. Hey Kel,
    This is 1 Frugal Queen. I love the way that the dress fits you.I wear bangles also and love the way that they sound,so I am loving them. To be honest, I'm not really feeling the shoes with the dress.

  2. Thanks 1Frugal Queen! It is great having you here! Love your blog!

  3. Kel, I love the color of the dress, but I don't like how it is fitting around the rib cage, under you breasts...not the most flattering. Sorry! Everything else is great though!

  4. Psst! *loud whisper* Your art director is doing a fabulous job! ;)

  5. Kel, I'm with carrieredhead, not digging the way it fits, does not show off your body in the best way. I love the bangles and the shoes!

  6. I'm the odd man out. I adore this dress! (modest is hottest) Love the color, love the fit, love the style (Anne Klein is one of my faves--maybe I'm just a more conservative kinda girl.)

    Ben, the pictures are outstanding!

  7. I have mixed feelings about the dress ... I like it, but, as Carrie pointed out, it doesn't seem to hang right in the midriff area. Maybe it's just the pose that makes it look that way. Other than that, I love the whole outfit. I think the shoes and the beads set off the dress perfectly.

  8. I love the whole outfit! I have a feeling the dress fits better around the chest/waist than shows in the pictures, if it's that cool flowy fabric. How fun for Joe to swoon over your shoes!

  9. I have to agree with Karyn. I love sweetheart necklines and the shoes and necklace are FAB!