Monday, October 12, 2009

Let It Snow?

More...see it in the pictures...ignore it and maybe it will go away...

Of late, I spend my time in the shower mentally putting together outfits so that the "getting ready" for the day goes quicker. Besides - there is the shave/no shave question. Damn it. Today was a wasted shave! Not really :) It did not take several wardrobe changes today however. I saw the blazer and built the ensemble from there!

The blazer was purchased at Target 3 years ago, and was from their Isaac Mizrahi for Target line. I was fortunate to meet Isaac one year. We had a National Sales Meeting and there he sat with his bandana around his head and flip flops. I could barely talk. You would think I was meeting...I can't think of anyone famous...I am just as speechless at the memory as I was when I met him! I am standing funny in this pic - the blazer does fit!

I paired it with a skirt from Ann Taylor Loft that I got in December 2004. I love this skirt, and I have worn it many times since then. You may see it paired again with a pink cardigan or perhaps an ivory sweater. I love it with tights and boots so that it what I had to do!

The boots are finally a full boot shot. These have been peeking out underneath jeans in a couple of recent photos. Love them. Worn for 10 hours an not a peep from the toes!

I asked Ben to take some close shots on some of my jewelry. I have not spent much time talking about my ring obsession!

My right hand ring for today is from Betsey Johnson. I purchased this before Christmas 2007. Erika and I were out shopping; we saw this at Macy's and I had to try it on! Erika left to take a phone call, and in the amount of time she was gone I had purchased it. Little did I know she was thinking about buying it as my Christmas gift. I blew that one! It is big, bold and has a leopard pattern on it. I love it!

The necklace is a herringbone that, again, I bought many many years ago. I think I have worn it once before! I like it because it has a rose tone pattern of roses on the matte silver. The other side is high polished silver. You guys are making me use a little time and selection in my jewelry armoire! It is actually quite fun taking out items I have not worn in ages!

Please vote on the items below!

By the way, the votes for yesterday were that majority of you would try a ginger chewy cookie. Great choice! 131 calories :) If anyone wants the recipe, just leave me a comment. If there are enough comments I will post it for all of you!

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  1. I love the outfit!

    Please post the ginger chewey cookie recipe. :)

  2. The outfit ROCKS! And yes, cookie recipe please!!! :)

  3. Love the outfit - everything looks great. If I walked into a meeting and Isaac Mizrahi was sitting there I'd be speechless too! :) PLEASE post the cookie recipe!