Thursday, October 29, 2009

It had to be done!

I have been waiting and waiting to wear this dress! I could not postpone it any longer!

I love this dress! I know you will see it again this fall/winter. Today I wore it like I like it best; boots, and a big necklace. It will be interesting, well, at least to me, how I end up accessorizing it next time to be able to wear it again.

I got this dress 2 years ago from the Victoria's Secret Catalogue. I have not purchased a lot of clothes from there; bathing suits and lingerie, yes! I am certain if you go on-line that they still have this dress. It is probably on clearance for $59 just like it has been for the past 2 years! It comes in quite a few colors, and I had been tempted in the past to buy a red one, but decided one is enough. You can't improve on basic black. The long line is slimming, at least I hope it is!

I rocked it with my favorite platform patent leather boots.

The pendant I am wearing is a birthday gift I got 2 years ago from my friends Erika and Gretchen. They got it at the Swatch store - yes the watch people. I love it! It came on a black cord, and I love how it stands out against black.

I kept the earrings small today; bolder ones kept getting caught in the turtleneck.

Today's picture was taken in the City Center Building in Downtown Minneapolis. Ben and I met for lunch at Starbucks today; I packed a salad and half an acorn squash. We did make a purchase of water just so we did not feel guilty sitting at one of their tables. This bank of escalators in outside of Starbucks. The "grass" behind me is actually plastic! I liked my architectural back drop today. I liked my lunch date and photographer better!

Off to finish up TGIF with Kel. Check it out tomorrow on Nutrimirror!

Thanks for checking in!



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  1. Kel I'm loving the location shots! I want to see one in front of Mary and Rhoda's house. :)

    I have to say that I don't think that dress looks very flattering or fabulous in the pictures but if you love it so much, I know it must be lots better in person so I vote keep it. :) Maybe next time you could wear it with one of your fancy belts - with enough belts, this could keep you going for a long time! I'll bet you are longing for next August the way I am longing for Monday!

  2. LOL Karyn. When I saw the pics I knew in my heart that they did not make the dress look it's best. My poochy belly is sticking out too which is not helping!

    I normally do belt it, but was afraid if I did that I would not have the right accessories the next time I want to wear it!

    Thanks as always for your honest feedback!

    And, I really can't wait for August :)