Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Casual Lunch on A Casual Friday!

Ben and I met for lunch again. I never told you all that he got a new job and is working downtown again. (He was working downtown when we first met, and daily lunches became part of our daily ritual.) Today was a nice surprise in that I did not think we would get to have lunch together. I ate my sunflower seed butter sandwich and he had a sub from Jimmy Johns. A piece of Dove chocolate for dessert and we were both happy! I think it was the company rather than the food!

I was a bit concerned getting ready for work today. Concerned is not the right word; anxious perhaps. I was looking through my jeans and it went something like this:

Nope, these are the ones that need to be hemmed.

I just wore these last week.

They will tear me to shreds if I wear these.

This pair? Hmmm, it has been a while since I even put these on.

This is how I ended up with today's denim selection for Casual Friday.

These jeans are from a line called Y ?, translating to Why Question. I purchased these at the boutique Goodthings 3 years ago. I did not go in there that day to purchase any jeans, knowing that I really do have enough. I was trying on a shirt, and needed a pair of jeans just to see how they would look. I put these on and knew I could not leave them in the store. They are a skinny jean that are loaded with spandex. The part that I like best is that they are not a low riding, hip huggin' pair that falls below my undesirable poochy parts nor are they mom jeans that come up to my breasts. As Goldilocks said "They are just right!" I almost choked when she totaled my purchase at the store that day. This brand is shamefully expensive, which would explain why I only have one pair.

The T-shirt is of my beloved Audrey Hepburn. One can only hope to be as beautiful as Audrey. This T came from Target last year; this next statement is not to drum up business for Target, but is because it is ridiculous to pay a lot of money for t-shirts these days. Go to Target. Check out their selection of Graphic tees! The quality is quite good! The image on this t-shirt is of Holly Golightly staring into the Tiffany's window, her nonfat danish purchase in the bag with her cup of coffee as well. I love that the T-shirt has it's own "bling"; Holly is wearing a big rhinestone necklace that becomes a 3D element on the t-shirt.

I wore it with a blazer today. I was torn as to a cardigan or a blazer. After looking at this pic, I think I made the wrong choice! This is a velvet blazer that I got at Old Navy 4 years ago. It has rhinestone buttons of it's own that I thought would be a nice match for the T-shirt. Unfortunately, it is hitting me at a spot that is making me look quite wide in the waist. Never a good thing for someone that struggles to keep her hip-to-waist ratio below a 0.8 anyways!

The shoes? I wanted to keep it simple, and the fact that my pants would not fit over any boots!

I hope you all had a great Friday. Mine was spectacular as the day ended with Ben and I having dinner at our beloved tequila bar Barrio.

Thanks for checking in!



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