Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Thank You for Your Patience!

Wow! You would think in this day and age that there would not be a place on this Earth where the internet/wi-fi is not free. There may have been free wi-fi somewhere in Vegas, but not where I was staying!

Let's get today out of the way...boring blue top, black slacks from Banana Republic, Stuart Weitzman pumps, and a silver Robert Lee Morris necklace.

My handbag is from Radley; it was time to change over from the Spring/Summer bag to the Fall/Winter.

Okay, let's move on, shall we?

Friday night was the bachelorette party. You all kindly voted, and it was a 2:1 vote for the red dress. Here it was on Friday night!

Bachelorette Party

I will not wear this dress again. As a matter of fact, I purposefully left it in the hotel room in Vegas! Here is the deal; it was so over the top that people thought I was really trying to look, well, hot. As we made our way to the party, it was just Ben and I. The comments were outrageous. By the end of the night, I had overheard no less than 3 people ask each other if I was a man. It was not the best moment for my self esteem, but I share everything with you all!

Saturday was a fun day. There was a run on the strip as we detoxed from the previous evenings festivities. I sat by the pool for a short while, soaking in some much needed sun. I headed up to the room to get ready for an evening out with my Ben. Then it started...I tried on everything I had brought with me! That is what I do not like about traveling; you are forced into whatever you packed. There was a time I would have run out and bought something new. Could not do that, so I made the best of it! This was the result...


The large bag is fabulous for traveling, and for carrying an extra pair of shoes!

Sunday was the big day! I have included some pictures of the bride and groom for you to enjoy, as well as the bride and me.

Good cake!




Tomorrow I will be back with Monday and Tuesday ensembles...for now, this girl is tired from a long day back at work!

Thanks for checking in, and my deepest apologies on leaving you all hanging!




  1. Cute bag, blah blah blah, whatever.

    Oh Kel, when I voted for the red dress I knew it was gonna be good, but never expected anything this good. Overhearing people ask if you are a man! I am cracking up here. This is the funniest thing ever! :) Erika looks beautiful and everyone looks so happy. I'm so glad you're back!!

  2. Whew! I can finally stop compulsively checking your blog every time I'm on the computer!

    Heh...I knew your Vegas pictures and story would be fun...the only reason you were being compared to a man is because drag queens ALWAYS have the most killer legs. Everytime I see a guy in a dress I'm oozing envy over their calves...I happen to ooze envy over YOUR calves, too..haha, that's MY theory at least.

    That bridesmaid's dress and color is beautiful on you and Erika looks radiant!

  3. Erin's right - plus, some of the drag queens I've seen look a million times better as a woman that I have or will ever look!

  4. I told Ben if I got one more comment I was going to prove I am female!

  5. Hi Kel! I'm with Erin on checking your blog everyday. :o) I missed you!

    You look really fantastic in that red dress! Don't listen to those haters!

    I can just imagine the cleaning ladies all excited, stopping their work to try on the dress!

  6. Okay, that is totally hilarious and even more so that you left the dress in the hotel room. I hope you knew how fabulous you looked, despite the snarks...and I can only hope to get my butt up and moving so that at some point in my future I have legs like that!

    But oh...the bridesmaid's dress...Erica is a good friend girl - to pick out something so lovely - it looks great on you! Cute and fun!

    I'm glad the weekend was fun, and the jeans and teeshirt look great as well!

    okay this is susano, but I can't remember my google password so dylan's it will have to be...

  7. Glad you are back, I too compulsively checked your blog whenever on the computer! You looked great in that red dress and some people are just plain rude and jealous!! Hope you get a vacation soon--I know whenever coming back from a vacation another one is needed to recoup!!