Saturday, October 10, 2009

As Good As It Gets

A Good Morning to You!

A little fun here is going to be no make up Saturday. I will take a walk, I will take a shower, then most likely get right back into my robe. Why? Baby, it's cold outside!

Look at my sweet Ben's photos of the snow. Yes, snow. I had mentioned the possibility of flurries the other day. It is cold ( 25 degrees ) and the snow may stick around for a little while.

A cold day like this presents a challenge for walking outdoors. However, I am up for the challenge. Well, maybe once I get dressed, put on my warm workout clothes, gloves, hat and puffy jacket I will be ready for the challenge. I would love to take a picture of that for you if only because it is rather entertaining to see how I can take time and effort most days, and how truly hysterical I look when headed out for a cold day walk. I can't do that as my photographer will be headed out shortly, and I am in no rush to get out of my warm robe!

I am dressed in a lovely heathered gray bathrobe that I got 5 years ago at Target. It is my winter robe. I busted it out this week finally. The cute white robe I wore all spring and summer has been washed and out away until next - June?

I am in front of the stove, which apparently could use a good cleaning - and am making the morning oats. A day like this makes me want to bake in a bad way! I have already taken out 2 cookbooks; one has delicious recipes for giant cookies, and the other is actual a novel called Eat Cake. Eat Cake is a delicious novel written by Jeanne Ray. It is a tale of a woman that loves to bake to relieve stress, and turns out doing it to support her family. It is a wonderful quick read, and I highly recommend it. In the back of the book are recipes; I have always wanted to make one, and today might just be that day! I will happily bake this weekend and arrive at work on Monday with arms full of goodies for my coworkers! I think I will make chewy ginger cookies (they are divine) and a Golden Grand Marnier cake.

I may get cute tomorrow and have a picture to share; we will see!

As for now, I am leaving a vote up for yesterday's plaid outfit!

Thanks for checking in!



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  1. Oh I love ginger cookies. It sounds more like Winter there an not Fall. I'm sorry it's so cold! I bet baking those goodies will help warm the house up! I bought this stuff called, English Sipping Chocolate from TJ's. I'm going to try and have some right now! Enjoy your day!