Thursday, October 15, 2009

16 Nay 5 Yay

Well, that would be 6 yay, because Ben liked it too. Liked what? The purple dress from yesterday!

I had that dress in my closet for over a year. Yesterday was the first time I wore it! I am so happy you gave me your opinion. The overwhelming opinion told me what I felt - there is just something off about it. carrieredhead may be right that it is the shape. I told Ben I was a large block of purple wood! Erin - my goal was to channel the 60's, so I am glad that I at least got that part down! I definitely stood out in a crowd yesterday!

Today? I blended in for sure!

I knew I wanted to wear pants (as in no leg shaving occurred today). My original thought was a different sweater, but it was too fussy for me. My goal was simplicity.

The pants are from a suit I bought at Ann Taylor 4 years ago. As I mentioned to my friends on Nutrimirror today, they fit better now than they did back then. I have a little more junk in the trunk, so to speak. It was all of the bicycling this summer! They have a faint gray stripe in various widths running through them.

The sweater is one you have seen before. I wore it a few weeks ago on a casual Friday. Today I chose to pair it with a black tank top.

My shoes are a repeat as well. They were last paired with a LBD and a turtleneck.

The accessories today? Channeling, hopefully, Jackie O, I went with a strand of multi-color Honora pearls. I love this necklace. I don't wear it often enough! When I am thinking "classic" I think pearls. I like that the grey/gray pearl stands out with this sweater.

I am showing you #2 fall into winter coat today. It was doing that thing outside where it is not raining, but it is white and flaky...yes, still trying to ignore it...I got this jacket during an after season sale at Banana Republic last Christmas. It is my dress up puffy coat. Hopefully I do not look like George Costanza from Seinfeld, or worse, the Michelin man!

Today was my Friday as I am on vacation tomorrow! It makes me kind of sad to miss a casual Friday.

No it doesn't!

The next few days will be full of all sorts of clothes, both day and night!

Thanks again for your thoughts on yesterday's dress, and I look forward to your thoughts on today. Please vote below!

Thanks for checking in!




  1. I don't like the puffy coat with the outfit. Everything else rocks!

  2. Sadly, the puffy coat is too short.

  3. I have to say i agree with the above!

  4. Love the pearls, Kel. They complement the outfit beautifully. Like the coat, but not with this outfit. It seems like a more casual coat, maybe better paired with jeans, and it takes away from the snazziness of the rest of the outfit.

  5. I'm with Frugal on the coat - doesn't work with the outfit, but the rest of it - ROOOOOWWRRRR!! Perfect!

  6. I should add that I don't even own a coat that would go with it - I wear my casual coat(s) with EVERTHING. But - I am aware that it looks horrible.

  7. It's more of a puffy jacket, really. I figure where you are warmth is more important than style when it comes to coats. At least it is not down to your feet and covering up how gorgeous you look in those pants!

  8. I must be a freakin' fashion anomaly because I LIKE the on black of different fabrics is one of my favorite looks...I say KEEP and ROCK.

    (Patiently awaiting Vegas outfits!)