Tuesday, October 27, 2009

La la la la la!

That is me singing...

That is me singing as I completely ignore the votes on my skirt from yesterday. 17/23 votes to get rid of it? It is interesting to me that I most often agree with the voting. I have found that I tend to sway the vote by talking one way or the other; in this case I came right out and said I love it, yet this many votes against it.

I guess my reason for ignoring it is that I don't know why you feel it should go. Does it make me look ridiculous? Do you not like Chinese Jars? Is it the paneling? I am not going to spend a lot of time thinking about it, but it is hanging in the closet awaiting it's next wearing...
la la la la la! (Honestly, when I say I want your feedback, I mean it! )

On to today!

Today's ensemble started with a different sweater and this skirt; I was not happy with the way the sweater sat around my bloated belly (about one more day of it) so I chose a cardigan and cami instead.

I think you are seeing what I call my winter uniform clearly in action today!


I am happy that I have many options between the cardigan/cami/skirt to keep me going for a while. Hopefully enough!

Today's skirt is a purchase from Ann Taylor Loft 2 years ago. When I bought it, I also bought a brown cardigan which at the moment is no where to be found! I like that the plaid has many colors for me to build an outfit from; tan/brown/maroon all go nicely with it.

The cardigan is from J.Crew last winter. I was on a major J.Crew cardigan tear last winter! I love the ribbons/bows around the neckline. J.Crew is a great place for the "everyday" cardigan, but I especially love the ones with the little embellishments.

All was paired nicely with my brown boots. Well, at least I think it was until I hear otherwise!

Today's picture was an on the town photo. This was actually in the parking garage! In the distance behind me, you can see what is the new home of the Minnesota Twins, called Target Field. I laughed wickedly when the Twins were in playoff games and it was snowing outside; the current stadium is inside a dome. The team and fans apparently wanted a new stadium, and this one does not have a dome. First game of next season could be really cold!

That is it for tonight...early bedtime for this gal!

Thanks for checking in!




  1. Kel this is a very nice outfit! Pretty. And you have inspired me!! I bought a pair of slacks that aren't exactly plaid, but are patterned and I don't know the name of the pattern. There is a thin red or orange stripe in them and I thought a red or orange sweater would go nicely with them. That's where my fashion sense ended. But now by reading this, I can see that I could pair several different tops with these pants. I know - duh. :) Thanks.

  2. And totally off topic, how can it be 6:39 pm here, if you posted this at 8:40 pm your time, and my clock says 7:40 pm at this very moment? LOL

  3. Because I posted it last night silly!

  4. Kel,
    I have nothing plaid, but you have inspired me to want to go out and buy something plaid. The boots are awesome with the outfit. I really like it! I think boots make you look sexy girl! That's how I feel when I wear mine! LOL

  5. Okay, I'm curious about the actual closet. :o) Are we going to get to see a pic of it? Is it a walk-in? Is it like Carrie Bradshaw's closet that Big made for her? Just curious. It has to be one monster of a closet to house a year's worth of clothing in it or you are one very organized gal.

  6. I was an early voter in the skirt poll. Somehow my keep vote was recorded as a no! I guess anything can happen and you are wise to take these polls with a grain of salt.

  7. I love, love love! those boots!!