Wednesday, October 28, 2009

No, I did not have an interview!

I had the question asked of me a couple of times today: "Do you have an interview or something today?"

No, I just did not have time to think about what to wear.

Ben had to be at work early, and since we were commuting together get the picture.

I tried one other dress on, and as I headed into the closet, I said "I think it is time to break out a suit". I had many suit options from a different time in my life; I chose this one since it has been literally 3+ years since I have worn it!

I got this suit at Ann Taylor 5 years ago. I don't often wear jackets such as this; I prefer a jacket with a more open color. This Peter Pan color is cute, and I like that there is a band of satiny "ribbon" around the waist. It was an easy choice. I literally gave one second of thought to the shirt I would wear underneath, and chose a slate blue Michael Stars tee. You can't even see it here! I did end up with a hot flash or two today, so I was able to take my jacket off and not be overexposed!

For the shoes, I intended on wearing a pair of plain black pumps, but the whole thing was far too interviewish! I chose to jazz it up a little bit with my Naught Monkeys.

We took these pictures after work today and unfortunately I had not reapplied my lip gloss :(. Didn't even think of it until we were looking at the pictures. Ugh.

We took today's pictures in a cute little park in the Northeast section of Minneapolis, the St. Anthony Main neighborhood. I am really enjoying these photo shoots on location! I was tired of my porch!

Not a lot to say tonight; I think it was that early morning wake up, and then staring at a computer screen for 10 hours today at work. I am a sleepy girl!

Thanks for checking in!




  1. I like the suit and I love the shoes!

  2. I love the suit and the shoes, too! That suit would look great on me. :) It looks great on you, too.

  3. love the suit and i have major shoe envy!