Thursday, October 8, 2009

Ga Ga for Go Go

When I walked down stairs this morning, Ben told me it looked like I was channeling the 60's. I guess my boots do look like go go boots!

I "went in deep" today! Both tights and boots! What the heck - flurries are in the forecast for this weekend here in Minnesota so why not dress for it? In Las Vegas it was in the 80's...I have officially begun the countdown, as I am heading there on the 16th! That is when I will be rocking the red bridesmaid dress! If you recall, the red dress is for the bachelorette party; you will see the real dress I am wearing after the wedding. Here are the shoes for it!

I decided to continue with the skirt/jacket trend that I started yesterday, but chose a skirt that shows quite a bit more leg! This skirt is from J.Crew and I purchased it this past winter. You will be seeing a lot of J.Crew in the upcoming months. I was like a mad woman there last year! The economy being what it was the sales there were insane last year. 30% off of the clearance price certainly worked for me! I am not sure if you can see in the picture that this has a faint gray plaid pattern on it.

Everyday this week I have been walking passed Brooks Brothers. In their windows they are showing a lot of purple. As a result, I guess I decided purple was in this year! Is it? I have not been reading my fashion magazines...avoiding the temptation I guess! This jacket is a couple of years old; I purchased it at Nordstrom. Sigh...there was a time in my life where all of my clothes were from Nordstrom. Oh my, how times have changed! I normally like to dress up a jacket like this with a little bling; perhaps a nice big rhinestone pin. Today I was running a little behind, so I was sans pin. That is okay; when I break out this jacket again, that will make it look new!

The tank top is Gap, the tights are from Target!

Ben and I went shopping tonight; this time it was for him! He purchased a new suit for Erika's wedding. He looks very handsome in it! They had a deal - purchase something today and get a coupon for next Wednesday for 40% off one item. If anyone has had their eye on something expensive at BR, this would be a smart time to go get that coupon! They let Ben purchase the whole suit tonight; on Wednesday he needs to come back with the jacket and the coupon and he will get the discount. That is good Customer Service in my book!

How sad that one of the clerks at BR recognized me and said nice to see you again. I am hoping he says that to everyone. Their sales racks were loaded, and I was tempted to look. Part of me was quite sad, however. I really do miss finding something adorable, bringing it home, deciding what accessories to wear with many days until 8/12/10?

Off to finish TGIF with Kel... please leave a comment or vote below!

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  1. I totally adore that jacket. God.

  2. I LOVE THOSE BOOTS KEL!!! The outfit rocks :) you look awesome i love it.

  3. If I were wearing this outfit I would be a in a great mood all day! That to me is where clothes become more than just a jacket and a skirt...oh and purple, in my opinion, is IN all the time. Rockin!

  4. This outfit is awesome, I would love a purple blazer. And I'm so happy you're wearing the red dress in Vegas :)

  5. I love the boots with this outfit. Those boots are shiny and sexy, you can't help but notice themn and they make you look long and tall.

  6. Wow, this outfit fits you like a glove! It's extremely figure flattering. Of course, I love the boots!