Tuesday, October 13, 2009

An Impromptu Date

This morning I had to be at work earlier than usual. As a result, we decided to wait until after the work day was done to take today's pictures.

Ben drove Miss Daisy (me) to work today and picked me up this afternoon. I have a hair appointment scheduled, so we agreed upon an early pick up time so we could get in a run before the appointment.

I expected Ben to take my pictures as I approached the car. He waved me over, and said "Let's go up ahead where we can get out of traffic and take some pictures." Fine with me. A police man parked not too far away would have probably agreed to that too!

As we were headed out of downtown I wondered where we should go for our photo shoot. I thought about the Nicollet Island Inn, which would give us great views of the Mississippi River and the city. Then I said "We could go to Pracnas and get Bloody Mary's and then take pictures." The light of a great idea beamed in Ben's eyes. Neither one of us was too excited for a run apparently! He thought it was a great idea, and to Pracnas we went.

Pracnas has amazing Bloody Mary's! They are served with a giant pickle. I let Ben have the pickle because I knew my sodium would be shot to hell, after having had lunch out with coworkers. We shared a quesadilla and some hand holding, as well as some work talk.

We took some pictures inside as well as out. I love the variety today! I hope you do too!

The indoors - the setting was the bar of Pracnas. It has been around forever; the dark wood is lovely. Almost as nice as the cocktails!

My dress today is two years old, and was purchased at a boutique in Downtown White Bear Lake called Good Things. The Black and White Houndstooth dress came from there. I saw this same dress later at Macy's. This dress is very feminine and flirty to me; I always feeling like twirling like a little girl in it! I abstained from that in Prachnas, however, as I had already stumbled into a chair and made a small scene as it was! I paired today's dress with the open toed Stuart Weitzman patent leather pumps. A heel is starting to go on these and I making an annoying clicking sound with every other step! They are worth repairing, especially when you can't buy a replacement!

We headed outdoors, and got some nice shots of the city behind me. You can see the Mississippi (you know I am singing the song to spell it everytime I write it, don't you?) . There is one of the many bridges that get you from one part of Minneapolis to the downtown area. Ben and I recently ran a 5k race in this same area. I had a difficult time walking today on the brick paved streets!

Since the temps were in the 30's today, I caved and finally wore a coat. I love this particular coat; it works well as I transition into the colder months. That's right. It gets c-o-l-d-e-r. Ugh.

I got this coat 4+ years ago at Anthropologie. I love love love Anthropologie. The first one I ever ventured into was in Connecticut on a vacation. I looked online and found one close to me in Illinois (where I was living at the time). Knowing that they have notoriously great sales after the holidays, I went in to my local Anthropologie. I saw a beautiful woman wearing a beautiful coat. I complimented her on it, and she said "I got it here, and I think I saw one." She came back not 30 seconds later with this coat in her hands. On sale, no less! It was love at first sight. I love the ruffle at the bottom and the colors. Hopefully you like it too, because this one is simply not going anywhere!

I had Ben provide a close up of my Radley wallet (or purse as they call it in England). The scottie dog is their symbol; he dances across my wallet, playing in the flowers. Love it!

Today's accessories were pretty simple; an old silver rope chain that I cannot recall how long I have had it or when the last time I wore it was, and my cz stud earrings.

It is late here, and I must head off to bed soon; a missed workout tonight means I should really get up in the morning and go to the gym. I promise to post the ginger chewies recipe this week!

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  1. Oh you and me both are going to the gym tomorrow sister. Thomas is burning up with fever and I have to get my workout in, so the only time to go would be before Peter heads off to work. I don't normally work out so early. Ugh. I really need to get thee to Antrhopologie. My sis-in-law told me that I would love it there. She says it's my style. I wasn't aware I had a style. I'm pretty laid back, jeans/T's type of girl. I am almost always in flip flops. :o) Hmm.

    I love all the clothes and shoes today! Kel, I'm so glad you are doing this. It is really helping me to morph some type of wardrobe out of what I have. I still owe you a pic to check over the style on an outfit...see if it's suitable for outdoor wear.

  2. I really like the outfit. I am drooling over the coat. Green is my favorite color! It looks great on you!

  3. I love both the dress and the coat, and now must check out Anthropologie! Also, cute wallet. Anything with a dog on it gets my vote. Go ahead - test me - put up pictures of all your clothes with dogs on them and see how I vote!

  4. Very cute, I love the whole look, but the coat is numero uno!
    Anthro is my favorite store and you're right about the fabulous sales. The sale section is always packed with goodies year round.