Thursday, September 17, 2009

Confession time...

I did not want to wear this dress today. I have been dreading it all week.

All week? How can I know what I will be wearing on Thursday? Normally, I don't.

This week, my dear sweet Ben was out of town on a camping/survivor week in the Boundary Waters. He has yet to come home tonight. I need to get this post done so when he does get here...


He left Sunday morning bright and early. But there are 4 days of photos...all taken Saturday afternoon! In about 30 minutes there were 5 wardrobe changes! There were the Saturday pics, and then we had to do Monday throught Thursday!

After Ben sent me the pictures on email, I just kept looking at this one. I officially no longer like this dress! Correction, I love the dress, I just no longer love it on me! It is too big now, I think, and it does nothing to show any of my figure. I, by no means, have a hourglass figure. I do like to try and look like I do by a little deceptive dressing...having the dress hug in all my right places helps. This one does not do that!

The dress is 2 years old. I bought it at a cute boutique in downtown White Bear Lake. I used to do serious damage there! Some day, I may have to wear the leather jacket I HAD to have that cost me too much money that I have worn once. Remember, this journey is about questioning past purchases? That jacket would be one of them...this dress I do not regret. It had it's time, and was enjoyed. I have worn it with red shoes, as I did today, black shoes, and yellow shoes. I have always paired it with this necklace. All week long I postponed wearing it! It is done.

I got my haircut last night, and you will see that in tomorrow's pics :)

So, I confess that we pre-shot the photos. But I do have witnesses that I really did wear what I said I wore!

Okay, other confession. I went shopping this afternoon. I did not go buying, just shopping. I do have to find shoes for Erika's wedding after all! I stopped in Marshalls as I was walking to my car. Remember - no Ben at home means a little more putzing than usual! Plus, I really did not want to work out...I did workout, but delayed it as long as I could!

While looking at the shoes, I saw this dress. My first thought was I need to take a picture of that because that is a dress I would have tried on in the past. Then I thought, no I really need to try this on!

Remember what I said above? I like a dress that hugs me in all my right places? This would be that dress! It was love! It was $49.99! It was $49.99 that I had promised myself I would not spend. So I didn't! I do not know if this picture does it, or me for that matter, anything, but it was amazing. Ruching is magic! Hey - you do get to see my haircut!

Off to do the final touches on the NM column for the week! Catch ya back here tomorrow for...da da da dahhhh! Casual Friday!!

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  1. I really like the dress-the one you didn't BTW. It totally rocks on that body of yours. Good choice on the featured dress today-it's cute, but not a good fit for you. lritter

  2. Aww, I'm sorry your pretty dress is too BIG for you now. Ebay - then I can bid on it! I like the one you tried on, too, but you promised....

    I just put my favorite top into a box and sent it to a fellow NMer along with 12 pounds of other clothes that no longer fit. I know how you feel.

  3. You are right, the dress is cute but is now too big for you. I would pass it on or have it altered. The dress you tried on is very cute and is definitely a Kel dress. The hair do is very cute too!

  4. OMG, I want that black and white dress.... it's perfect to wear to a Univ of Alabama football game. I can't get into the details why, but houndstooth down in Tuscaloosa is all the RAGE!