Wednesday, September 2, 2009

On the Sunny Side of the Street

This morning's trip into the closet was quite different than yesterday. I had decided while eating my breakfast what I was going to wear. Here is how the conversation went in my head:
"Better get up stairs and into the shower."
"If I sit here a little longer I won't have time to shave my legs."
"Wow, this oatmeal is good."
"If you don't shave your legs you will have to wear pants."
"I am not in a pants mood. It is sunny. I want a fun dress today."

I thought of this dress right away.

It is sunny and fun!

I normally like to wear plain, er, make that simple shoes with a loud patterned dress like this. These shoes, however, just match so well! I really do love making a statement with my clothes. I am certain this statement is "I am confident".

This dress was a steal -I purchased it last year when I gave Marshalls a chance. I had stopped shopping there years ago when they had nothing that fit me. After asking enough people "ooh, where did you get that?" and being told Marshalls, I gave it a try. If I remember the dress was less than $20!

The shoes? Winter 2008 I was doing a lot of mall walking. We have the Mall of America here. Heard of it? Huge. I rarely actually shopped there, except for when I needed/wanted to go to Nordstroms. As I walked the mall I kept passing a display window with these shoes. They called out to me, beckoned me to enter the store. I had to wait until they opened; I grabbed a coffee at Caribou, refueled with a bakery item of some sort, and headed in. They had my size...and also had my size in my all time favorite pair of shoes...but I will talk about those another day! If I recall correctly I left the mall with quite a few goodies that day!

These are Stuart Weitzman. Stuart's shoes fit me well. Despite the heel height they are very comfortable. The bandaid peeking out of the right shoe is not because if Stuart; it is because of the 3Day last week!

Hope you had a great Wednesday! 2 days until the long weekend!!

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  1. I love the cut of the dress. It's like black and white on top and then BAM! sunny on the bottom. It took me awhile to get used to it. Since both the top and bottom half are complimentary to your frame and the dress falls well, I'd say keep it. I seriously could stare at the shoes and bottom half all day long. They do look fabulous together. I love the shoes! You are inspiring me to venture out beyond the flip-flop. Some day soon I will take a pic and show you my only pair of stilletos. I'd like to get a pedicure first though. ;)

  2. Love the hand-on-the-pillar-head-turned-away pose.

  3. This is my favorite outfit so far! You look happy, and so do the clothes! And the shoes? Fabulous!

  4. Awesome outfit Kel!!! It's a def keeper!!! :)