Sunday, September 6, 2009

Ladies Who Lunch

Typically, the phrase "Ladies Who Lunch" makes me think of expensive St. Johns suits and pearls...not this lady! Well, I just happen to be far from typical!

Ben had some work to do this afternoon/evening, so we decided to enjoy a nice Sunday afternoon lunch date together.

We went for a 4.2 mile run this morning. To distract myself from my breathing and the sound of my footsteps, I thought about what to wear and where we should go for lunch.

The "where" had to come before the "wear", as the location would certainly dictate the wardrobe choice. My thought was Uptown - a rather eclectic, hip, fun section of Minneapolis. Bar Abilene it would be! Margaritas, tableside guacamole and an enchilada of some sort.

I knew now that my dress option could be fun, and grabbed this dress right away. I had purchased it at the beginning of the summer. It was intended to be a Saturday night date dress, but too many date dresses came before it, I guess! I was happy to get to wear it on this last official weekend of summer. I took the tag off today, so I can tell you it cost $48!

The shoes are a repeat from last weekend..the $9 dollar shoes that I have gotten a lot of wear out of!

Fun, cheap and chic! Perhaps a little too "Hoochie-mama" for a 43 year old! BUT - you all get to decide! Karyn has been missing the power of the vote, so the voting bar is back today!

Now, as for the date, as we made our way to Uptown, we were driving passed a restaurant that we really enjoy - Bryant Lake Bowl. Yes, they are a bowling alley, but they have really good food! I had already logged the choices from Bar Abilene, but happily deleted all of those choices for the ones I had at BLB! I ended up with an appetizer for my meal. It was seared Ahi Tuna with a side of sauteed spinach and carrots. Yes, this is bowling alley food! I had a delicious cocktail there as well...called a Southern Drawl, but you may have heard elsewhere as a Tipsy Arnie Palmer? There is a vodka called Jeremiah Sweet Tea that is then mixed with lemonade. Refreshing and tasty! This meal was about 600 calories less than the other, and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Hmmm...I think my NM world just came crashing into my blog/fashion world. Sorry - lunch was THAT good!

Have a great Sunday all! See you again on Labor Day!


p.s. I need to give some props to my photographer and chief art director Ben. Thanks love!! xoxoxoxo


  1. Awwwwww this is is such an adorable dress, I love it!!!! Don't worry about the look great in it!!! Sorry Kel, as for me it's another keeper. I love clothes myself and I am really enjoying seeing all of yours!!! :):):):)
    Being a Tex-Mex your planned meal sounded scrumptuous... "Margaritas, tableside guacamole and an enchilada of some sort." But it sounds like you still did good.

  2. Ben is going to make his chicken enchiladas tomorrow instead :)...but that means a kick butt work out in the morning!

    It's all about balance...
    Thanks for your kind words Maria!

  3. You look very nice, cool and cute in that dress :)

  4. This dress is so cute and feminine, I love it. Sadly, another keeper. Your closet isn't getting any roomier, is it? :)

  5. I am happy to report that there are clothes that NEVER will make the blog! I have been weeding it out, with the saying "it is just not blog-worthy!"

    I would love to take a picture of the actual closet, but at this point? Chaos!!

  6. Very cute Kel. Definitely a keeper. The lunch date sounds wonderful and who would think a bowling alley would have such wonderful food?!