Monday, September 7, 2009

The Clothes I would Save From a Fire...

The other day I asked you what item of clothing you would save from a fire, knowing of course, that your loved ones, pets and favorite pictures are safe...KarynD may save her new khakis, and I love that carrieredhead is going to let it all go!

I said I was going to save my favorite pair of shoes. These shoes are from Betsey Johnson. I purchased them the same day that I got the lovely yellow patent leather sling backs I wore for you last week. When the salesman was working the sale, he said "what do you think you are going to wear them with?" My response:
"Most likely a Grey Goose martini straight up with 3 olives!"

I love the fit of these shoes, I love the colors, and you should see the bottom of them! They are pink on the bottom and have rosebuds too. I think it was a year before they ever had a voyage outside. The most special thing about these shoes is that they got Ben's attention. We were in a meeting together, and afterwards he came over and said
"Nice shoes!"
The rest is history!

Betsey Johnson and I get along quite well. Ben and I like to joke that when one of my more, um, risque outfits (aka Hoochie-mama) makes an appearance, Betsey helped me get dressed that day.

This dress will be rescued from the fire by Ben. I love love love this dress. It is 4 years old, but I feel it is timeless. It is one of the few "high-end" designer pieces I have. It is Dolce & Gabbana. I spotted in first at Marshall Fields (before it became Macy's) in Chicago. There was this black one and a bright turquise blue one, that had a satiny finish. I just could not justify the expense of it, so sadly it stayed at the store. Two months later I was in Las Vegas for work. I was staying at Caesar's and went for a walk in the Forum Shoppes. There is a Dolce&Gabbana store there. My dress was there, and it was about $100 less than in Chicago! I took that as a sign, and bought it! It has never let me down! It is my go-to dress for any occasion.

The necklace I am wearing is a white gold and diamond necklace Ben gave me for Christmas. It can be worn long, or doubled to be worn short. I have to be careful when I wear it long! I already broke it once by catching it on the arm of my desk chair! :(

Ben wanted some pics of this little number, so I put it all together, and here it is for you today. This is definitely not what I am wearing today! Today is no makeup Labor Day. We took a long bike ride, mostly because Ben is making his chicken enchiladas today. I got home, took a shower, threw on a sun dress, and started baking. I am taking carrot cake and chocolate chip cookies to my co-workers tomorrow. Really - they don't hiss at me when I bring baked goods in! I also baked some flax bran muffins that I will try tomorrow for my midmorning snack. If I like them they will get posted on NM, because they are healthy and part of a balanced eating plan!

I hope you have all enjoyed your three day weekend. I know I have!

No poll today...instead, What is your favorite go-to outfit?

See you tomorrow!




  1. Okay, maybe Ben can sit down with Peter and have a man to man chat with him about the buying of shoes adn bling. Oh AND the chicken enchiladas! haha! As of right now, I'm really and truly afraid to let Peter anywhere near food. He preps, I cook. I now see why you would save the dress from the fire. Very, very sleek and sexy! Right now I'm just trying to keep up with wearing something decent as I lose weight. I do dress more often than I used to, but I can't bring myself to buy a bunch of size 16 clothing when I know I'll be a 14 in a month or so. I'm usually in work out clothes, PJs or the outfit I wear to run errands, which most often consists of jeans, capris and some sort of top. I need to go shopping! Ahhh! And this blog is giving me a serious case of the "wants" as my Mother-in-law calls them. Every time I come away I have urge to go drop a bunch of cash on shoes and clothing! :o) I can contain myself though, don't worry.

  2. Black slacks, a black tank with lace trim, and a light-grey, lacy-crocheted cardigan by Calvin Klein (it's hard to describe, it's a flowy thing, and kinda fish-nettish and it wears like a shawl with sleeves because the front is longer than the back). I accessorize with freshwater pearl earrings and necklace.

  3. Va va va voooooom! Every gal needs a little black dress. Especially one that looks so great in it!