Thursday, September 10, 2009

I love red shoes!

I love red shoes, especially these babies.

I got these Stuart Weitzman last year at Off Saks...another pair of shoes I HAD to have. They are red, shiny, slightly sparkly, and just a little bit sexy! I got the same pair in black. I love those too! It was a buy one get another half off deal...I succumbed to the pressure once again! I have gotten a ton of miles out of them too. I love to pair red shoes with the unexpected. If you recall I wore them with the leopard dress in my first post.

The dress? This rather (wow) short (wow) dress is from Francescas. I keep saying wow because sometimes you don't realize how short a dress is until you see a picture! Wow! Anyways, the first time I ever visited a Francescas was on a vacation in San Diego. I thought I had stumbled across an adorable and inexpensive California boutique. I picked up some fun jewelry, a dress or two, (can't remember - yikes) and was so pleased with my purchases. Not two weeks after we returned from vacation I was out in Maple Grove and - pop - there was a Franscescas. That pop was the sound of my bubble bursting! Not too bad of a shock though because I really enjoy shopping there! Their clothes are a tad bit juniorish, and I have to be (wow) careful of what I buy when I am there, but their jewelry? OMG! It is like playing with your grandmothers faux jewels! Bowls of bangles, streams of necklaces, display after display of, Ben, I am not talking about the bathroom counter! It is a lot of fun to play. Google them and see if there is one near you! I got an adorable lap top bag has shoes all over it!

This dress was a purchase from earlier this summer. I love it paired with this belt and a red cardigan. I am holding the cardigan in the pics. I have also paired it with my yellow slingbacks and a yellow cardigan. Rather bumble bee-ish! It is very comfy, but WOW is it short!

Speaking of cardigans, I love them. I have several...shocking. I have a few long ones that look great with a skinny belt, some shorter ones that look good belted with a pencil skirt, bright ones, black ones, cropped ones, fat ones... I am sounding rather Dr. Seuss-ish! Ben and I like to joke that where I work, a cardigan makes everything appropriate. Seriously, we cannot wear no sleeve tops or is a dress code violation! (Right, you-know-who?) A cardigan makes everything right for work!

Off to finish baking cookies...yes, again. We have some team members returning to India tomorrow, and I had to bake something!! Of course, not sure I needed to torture myself with oatmeal heath crunch pecan cookies!

Ta Ta for Now!



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  1. Whooo-Whooo! That's me whistling virtually. You look Grade A Hawt in the dress/shoes. Don't even THINK about putting this out to ma'm!
    (Looking forward to your first Friday column tomorrow.)

  2. I agree with Erin! I think she says it best *whistle*

  3. Those shoes of DIVINE! They really give that extra spice to the outfit.

  4. Kel, you look mahhhhhhh-velous in that dress!!! Its a keeper!!! And as for the length, girl you've got the legs, show'em off!!!