Monday, September 14, 2009

Monday Monday!

As much as I love Fridays, I think the opposite can be said about Mondays. I realize I am not alone in this opinion. It is just hard to get jumpstarted on Mondays!

The real trouble started with unexplained traffic this morning. An 18 mile drive should not take an hour! Ugh!

I walk to my office for the day (not my usual office), put down my things, reach for my shoes, only to find I never packed then in my bag! Another ugh!

I walked the mile round trip to my office, knowing I had black shoes there. Ugh. Well, not really :) A little extra walking never hurts, plus I was able to stop and get a coffee. Okay, we can handle this day!

On to the clothes!

The dress is an eBay purchase from last summer. I get compliments on this dress every time. I do feel good in it. I love v-necks and this one has a matching V in the back. I believe this dress is on its third outing.

The shoes I was supposed to wear are the Stuart Weitzman's I told you about last week. They are the same as the red ones I wore with the black/white dress. They are quite comfortable; I ended up wearing a pair of black strappy sandals that are not the most comfortable, but I was sitting most of the day!

I made the BIG mistake of not bringing a cardigan today. I was so cold! I need to just always keep one in my bag!

I am sitting here typing and watching "Say Yes to the Dress!" on TLC. I am getting so excited for Erika's wedding! There will be plenty of ensemble sharing from that weekend in October. I am a bridesmaid, and I get to dress up the whole weekend. We are going to Vegas, baby!

Hope you all have a great night! On to Tuesday!!



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