Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Case of the Squeeky Shoe

About 3pm today I remembered why I do not wear these shoes.

Much like the shoes from yesterday, these are a good desk shoe. You know the ones - as long as you are sitting at your desk, it is all good.

I thought that I would be sitting at my computer for about 9 hours today. I forgot that I had a meeting at 1:30. This meeting was in another building. The other building is about a half mile walk. Then there is the walk back. 1 mile in these shoes? Not a good idea!

So, as I was walking back to my desk after the meeting, I rememberd why these shoes have not been worn in about a year. Not the pain, though there was some mild discomfort. It was the annoying squeek. I say squeek to be polite. It sounds more like, well, gas. Just the right shoe...In a crowded skyway walking from building to building it is not really an issue. Walking into a quiet testing area? Ugh!

Cute shoes, but I am pulling the trigger on this one! They are outta here! Well, maybe I will keep them around to wear for a short periods of time only. I hate saying good bye to cuteness!

I remember buying these shoes at Macy's 3 years ago. I had gone in to buy basic black pumps. My favorite black pumps had become truly annoying to wear as the nails in the heels were now exposed. As I walked from building to building another annoying noise. Click click click. I bought the black ones and found these. Who knew that they came with a squeek!

The dress was a purchase from Ann Taylor 2 years ago. It was the last one they had, on sale, and a size smaller than I normally wear. I succumbed to Ann's vanity sizing, but it was a good purchase. I have worn it many times! Ben and I are debating on the color of the dress. He says black, I say blue. What do you think?

So, Kel says the shoes go (sigh) and the dress stays.

That means YOU get to respond with a story of your own!

Tell me about a fashion mis-hap you have had!

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p.s. I would love to know what my neighbors are thinking when Ben and I head outside every day and take a picture!


  1. I was wondering about the neighbors too, Kel! I think the dress looks black but maybe Ben could take a picture of you holding up a black and a blue dress or blouse or something next to to it for contrast.

    I have a pair of shoes that quack. They are fine in the morning, but around 12:30 they start quacking with every step. Luckily most of the people where I work are deaf. (that didn't sound right)

  2. You just made me laugh and remember a pair of shoes that used to squeek as well!

  3. Ben is doing a happy dance because he believes you were the tie breaker. I even held up a black item next to me - he still doesn't believe it!

    What is it with squeeky shoes?

  4. My most embarrassing wardrobe malfunction was at a party. It involved a slip dress and a whole bottle of wine that I drank. I skipped underwear, because it was a slip dress, and after I had the whole bottle of wine I guess alot of people got a show, Unbeknownst to me. I was having a grand time chatting people up, sitting here, there everywhere. I still blush when I think back to that night. Ugh. So, I think I'd take the squeaky shoe! haha! :o)

    The dress looks black to me! :o)

  5. The dress looks black in your far away photo the the close up one too...LOL.... I love the dress and I love the shoes, but girl if they are uncomfortable,...I say get rid of them!!! It's amazing that shoes from Macy's would do that. I have had shoes that do the same darn thing, squeek (like gas), but they are usually cheap shoes. LOL

  6. Oh BTW, as far as your neighbors is concerned. I would not worry about them, maybe include them in the picture if they was to be curious!!! LOL

  7. In highschool, I apparently thought that a pink mohawk, spiked leather vests, and combat boots were appropriate fashion rebellion items. Ha! Need I say more?

  8. MelissaEileen - I think we might need a picture of that!