Thursday, September 3, 2009

Naughty Monkeys!

"5 Naughty Monkeys jumpin' on a bed!
One fell off and bumped his head!
Momma called the Doctor and the Doctor Said...
No more Monkeys jumpin' on a bed!"

Everyone, meet my Naughty Monkeys.
Naughty Monkeys - meet everyone!

Naughty Monkeys are one of my favorite brand of shoes. Not just because of the children song/book/poem, but because they have so many cute styles!

Ben bought me these shoes as my Valentine's Day gift this year. I came home and went upstairs, and there they were; the Naughty Monkeys were jumping on the bed, surrounded by Valentine Heart candies. There is an inscription in the shoes, but that is a secret between Ben, me and the Monkeys. Poor Ben - everytime I wear a pair of Naughty Monkeys, I sing the song!

Ben loves shoes as much as I do I think. When we were on our first date, he told me that it was my shoes that got his attention. You will meet those shoes soon! On our second date, I wore a pair of Naughty Monkeys. See, they are little trouble makers!

I wish I had some fabulous story about this outfit, but I don't! The top is quite old, at least 4 years I think. It was on sale at Club Monaco. I mean really on sale. I think it was less than $10. The skirt is from Marshalls last year. I have a black one just like it. The belt - Kohls. Wow! This is one cheap outfit!

Today's outfit was built from the ground up. The Monkeys started it all! They actually sit on Ben's nightstand as their home :) Last night they told me it was their turn to go to work. As a result, I felt the need to wear something with orange in it.

Ben loved the outfit, but I may have been trying too hard. I wanted to keep the outfit pretty lowkey, because the shoes make enough of a statement. It is up to you!

Thanks for all of your comments this week!

I am so happy it is Friday tomorrow. Friday means Casual Day!

See ya then!




  1. I love the pencil skirt look! And the naughty monkies have to stay. :o) Now all you need is some black rimmed glasses! ;)

  2. Love the shoes and love the outfit!!! It's a keeper, it looks very business like. ;)
    Makes me wonder if the Monkeys are up to something!!! LOL

  3. The shoes are fab! I wonder what my husband will say when I want some naughty monkeys? heh.

  4. I love this outfit! It's business on the top and party on the bottom. Perfect!