Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Wonderful Weekend of Got Aways!

Hello All!

As I mentioned, I spent the weekend in Duluth, MN! It was fantastic to be away for a couple of days, but I am VERY happy to be back home.

These pictures are not in order - darn it - but I will do my best to make sure you know what picture I am referring to!

The Saturday wardrobe choices, first and foremost! Please refer to exhibits #3 and #4 above!

The tshirt is a sweet beaded tshirt I purchased earlier this year from my favorite tshirt source (other than Target, of course!). J.Crew! This was on sale, and I loved the beading on it. I didn't have a navy blue one, so it was easy for me to justify, er, make excuses to buy it!

The jeans are a couple of years old. They are the Silver Brand. I do like them - but I cannot say that I love them. Here is the issue. I am not saying I have a muffin top, but they sit about 1/2 inch lower than I would like, so I feel like I am hanging out all over the place! I had failed to pack a belt this weekend, so I was pulling my pants up all day!

The shoes? I laughed when this picture was being taken because I am sure there will be a person or two surprised that I actually own a pair of Born sandals. Hey, there was a ton of walking yesterday! When I have a ton of casual sight seeing, I go for comfort, plain and simple. My friend Gretchen was even surprised at them! They were a gift (aka handmedown) from Erika 3 years ago. Not sexy, but my feet feel great!

I am happy that you also get to see my favorite purse in these pictures! Actually, this is not a purse; it is a handbag. The reason for my clarity on that statement? This is a Radley Bag from England. Radley Bags are really limited here in the US. If you go the the Radley website, you will see a purse is what we call a wallet. Do not ask anyone's fiance in England to get you a purse from the Radley store; he may just get you a wallet! This Radley Bag was my birthday gift from my sweet Ben this year; Erika was headed to England to see her fiance Dave in March, so she and Ben arranged the purchase, and Erika was the courier. Erika and Gretchen got me a lovely purse (wallet) and passport cover as well. The line of Radleys is precious! Radley in UK is similar to Coach here. Sadly, you can't order from this website! This bag is called New Brighton. For Christmas last year, I got myself a Lyric bag. You will see Lyric soon! It is almost time to change over! In the second picture above, I am with my BFFs Erika and Gretchen and we are all posing with our Radley Bags!

We toured a local mansion in Duluth; the Glensheen Mansion is amazing! The grounds are beautiful. I am happy with my little house and quite glad that I was not in charge of cleaning that place!

After the excursion to the mansion, we headed shopping! Remember, no buying, just shopping!

We visited many cute stores, and I was happy that the urge to buy was not strong. At least it was not until we entered The Electric Fetus. The Electric Fetus is a record store; I thought I was safe! Then I saw a fabulous rack of coats! I love coats! You will see this winter that I do like variety in my coat choices! I tried on many. I share with you in the first picture a coat that I would have purchased without a doubt. The picture does not do it justice, however it would be smashing as an evening coat with a dress and a pair of heels. The fabric had the slightest shine and it was beautiful. A "mere" $70 and it would have been mine! Add that to the Item That Got Away tally and we are up to$278.

We had a very low key evening in Duluth last night. We had a late lunch of seriously unhealthy food (check my food log at NM) so no need for a real dinner. We grabbed a bottle of Jeremiah Weed Sweet Tea Vodka and some lemonade, potato chips and popcorn and headed back to the B&B for snacks and games. Ever played Farkle? It is a fabulous dice game! I lost to the girls, each of them winning a game. It was a blast!

I sadly do not have a pic of me to share from today! It is on Gretchen's camera and I forgot to get it from her :(! It was pretty simple - jeans and a cute shirt with the same Born sandals. I promise you I will not wear it again this year!

The last picture above is an item that got away - sort of! We ended up going back to The Electric Fetus this morning. Turns out Gretchen never got the CD she wanted at the record store; we were too busy trying on clothes! We ended up looking at their fun jewelry displays today. Lots of funky locally made jewelry, like this ring. I never even looked at the price tag; I knew I would be too sad if I saw it was affordable and I could not buy it ! A picture would have to do! It has a leather band, and was so, well, ME! The girls picked up a few items needed for the upcoming wedding of Erika and Dave in 3 weeks, and then we headed out of town.

I had forgotten my iPhone charger at the B&B so we headed back to get it. I ran in and came back out to find a card and a box resting on my steering wheel. My sweet friends bought me this ring! They each have the same one, but in different colors! Every time I wear it I will remember this wonderful weekend and my dear friends!

One last note before I head off to bed. This comment was left on my post the other day and I wanted to put it in front of all of you:
Dear Kels closeteers. As the photographer of this most beautiful model, I will be making subtle changes to the photos for clarity and maximum impact. Please feel free (as one poster has done) to let me know what you like and dislike about the layout, etc. As an art director, my best work is defined by the folks that give me the best critical feedback. So please feel free to comment! In the future you will see more "location" shots for added impact etc. Stay tuned and thanks in advance!
This was from my sweet Ben! He normally is in charge of all of my photos; not the ones from this weekend. He does appreciate the comments you leave, and wants to make sure you are getting to see what you want to see in the pics! My sweet art director!

Hope you all had a great weekend!

Thanks for checking in!



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  1. I love the coat!! I also love that ring!! I have an item in my shopping cart at etsy that is much like it. I think every time you don't buy something you should put the $$ in a savings account; next August you will have plenty and can come to Virginia Beach and go shopping with me! :)

    Ben: more close-ups of details would be great!