Friday, September 11, 2009

It is Friday!

There is something about Fridays!

You can be casual. You can be comfortable. You can use your clothes to make a statement more so than any other day of the week.

I guess I was feeling a tad naughty today. I am sharing another pair of Naughty Monkeys with you! I bought this pair the same day I bought the Naughty Monkeys I wore last Friday. These have just the right heel height for a pair of jeans. It is hard to see - sorry - but they have fun colored striped and a bright red inside. The red peeps out from between your toes. Fun!

Attention! We have a repeat item! I did not realize it until I sat to write this blog tonight, but you have seen these jeans! I wore them the night of Ben's birthday party. If you are dying to see the story, you can go back to 8/28! The best part of these jeans is that I bought them when I was shopping with my dear sexy red head friend named Sherri. I call her Shed. She is energetic, vivacious, beautiful and a true dear friend. I have known her for 24 years! Amazing for a couple of 29 year olds :).

The blazer is from JCrew. I bought it 4 years ago at the JCrew outlet in Clinton, CT. It is Clinton, right Shed? I can't remember! It is the perfect little blazer. It reminds me of the one Julia Roberts was wearing in the last scene of Pretty know the scene, right before Richard Gere shows up and heads up the fire escape? I have always loved the look of jeans, a crisp blazer and a tshirt.

The tshirt has a peace sign on it. I guess I found it appropriate for this day. This tshirt was one of the last "emotional" clothing purchases I made. I had seen it in the girls section. No, not the ladies clothes, or the teens, but the girls. I left it there that day. A few days later, after a series of emails from someone that shall remain nameless (rather similar to Voldemort in my book), I went and picked it up. $9, a girls size L. I should have gotten the XL as this is rather like sausage casing! Thus, the blazer! I love the sunny yellow color. It made me feel happy all day! I guess that made it worth the $9!

I hope you all had a sunny, happy day! No votes today! I like my casual clothes too much!

Give thanks for what you have today, and make sure to hug the ones you love!

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  1. Good god, is it Friday again??? :o) Cute outfit. I really can't believe I am at casual Friday again, that three day really messed me up.

    Love the jeans, love the shoes! You do casual so well.

  2. I don't like the shoes. but I love the rest of the outfit on you kel!