Thursday, September 24, 2009

Inspired by the beads

Sometimes it starts with the shoes...sometimes it starts with a pair of earrings. Today it was about the necklace.

I purchased this necklace 4 years ago at my little boutique in Illinois...Catwalk. I spoke about it a few posts again. It had matching earrings, but one of the earrings mysteriously disappeared one day, while I was wearing them. The best part? No one mentioned it. I got home and had one earring dangling from one ear, nothing from the other. Sigh. If you have spinach in your teeth, I will tell you. If you are wearing Ellie Mae Clampett schmatta I would tell you. (I love you Karyn!) If you are missing an earring, I would tell you, then crawl on my hands and knees to help you find it! Anyways...I have not worn this necklace in ages! I honestly think it has been worn twice. I love the way it cascades, rather haphazardly.

I started looking for something in black. I even considered pants, but hell, I had already shaved my legs! You can't waste shaved legs on pants! The black dress I wanted to wear was just not working for me today. More like, the cardigan I wanted to wear with the black dress was dirty, so the shoes that I wanted to wear would not work with another cardigan. The mental wrestling I must go through! Shouldn't I be able to log a calorie or two for that?

I came to this blue dress. The dress will pick up the blue beads, it will work with different shoes, I have a cardigan! Voila! An outfit is born. I got this dress last year on eBay. It is originally from Boston Proper, and I never had purchased from their catalogue, so I thought this would be a great way to try them. This is one of those great traveling fabrics; it is slinky and shiny. I believe Chico's has a line of this fabrics. I love the way it hangs! I love the way it feels! I hate the way I kept having the reel the sistas in all day! If I keep this, if you let me keep this, I will wear a cami with it next time.

The shoes? Let me just say this...5 Naughty Monkeys jumpin' on a bed....Yes, Ben got serenaded again today. I know - hard to see the detail in these photos, but the monkeys wanted to play in the jungle! They have about a 4 inch heel, and I love them. No voting these bad boys out! They have flowers, sequins, and a little touch of the same blue in the dress.

What do ya think, my friends?

A quick word about me - if you read Karyn's comment from yesterday, it is just the honesty I expect! You know me - honesty with a little kindness thrown in!

Off to finish the article for TGIF with Kel on Nutrimirror. Check it out manana!

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  1. Now I have to go see what Karyn wrote! :o) Love the dress!

  2. Love this outfit Kel! The blue color of the dress is gorgeous and the beads are really FUN! Major keeper all around!

  3. yes Yes YES!!! LOVE IT!! I love that travelin' fabric, love the blue, the fit, the beads, the shoes, the lady in it. :) A camisole is my best friend - definitely add one, because whatever you do, no matter who votes what, please keep this dress forever.

  4. Love the whole ensemble! Definitely keepers all around!

  5. The color is fabulous. I know what you mean about the "sistas"; I love wrap dresses, but I hate how low-cut they all are!

  6. Definitely a keeper, Kel. Love this shade of blue on you. And, the beads are just the right touch.

    When I'm ready to buy my new wardrobe, will you go with me? ;-)

  7. Psh, honestly, I think that you have the body and personality that can pull off any outfit.

  8. Oh, by that comment, I didn't mean that I don't like the outfit and you are just mearly pulling it off. I think it's super cute!! Love the necklace.

  9. Love the dress and the necklace, but get a needle and thread and tack the front so that it does not move around. A cami would be okay but would take away from the necklace that the neckline showcases.

  10. Dear Kells closeteers. As the photographer of this most beautiful model, I will be making subtle changes to the photos for clarity and maximum impact. Please feel free (as one poster has done) to let me know what you like and dislike about the layout, etc. As an art director, my best work is defined by the folks that give me the best critical feedback. So please feel free to comment! In the future you will see more "location" shots for added impact etc. Stay tuned and thanks in advance!