Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Dear Betsey Johnson

I love your shoes. They make me happy. I have yet to meet a pair of your shoes that don't put a smile on my face. These are no exception! I get compliments on them, and they are even comfortable despite the heel height.


Too much?

I don't think so!

Hello all! Happy Tuesday!

I slept like hell last night! No, really, I did. I was awake until at least 11:45 last night; at least that was the last time I checked the clock. What would keep me awake? My clothing choice for today! Today's outfit did not come as a result of a restless night of sleep. It was a walk in the closet and make it work moment.

Who knows where the skirt I wanted is currently located. Is it in the dry cleaning basket? Maybe at the dry cleaners? Either way, it caused a momentary grrrr in the closet today. I settled for this...and dammit, I do feel like I settled. Ultimately, I will let you decide.

The skirt is a purchase from eBay last year. I love pencil skirts. However, I love pencil skirts better when they fit right. This was tight in the butt-ocks (remember put the accent on OCKS) last year, yet this year it is too big in the waist. I think it was sitting wrong on me. I felt like I was fighting the lining all day. Geez, Kel, it is a skirt. Get over it already!

The top? I love this top. Ben and I found it after a dinner in Uptown at Chino Latino (Asian Latin fusion with AMAZING cocktails) at a store I love - Heartbreakers. It is so much fun to shop there! You can buy a lot, and pay a little...or a lot, depending on what you find. I have found fun shoes at Heartbreakers, as I have shared before. The top has dolman sleeves, also known in my world as wings. I have this same top in a pretty blue. Remember I talked about balance? Pencil skirt on the bottom balances the wing look on the top. Or doesn't it?

The shoes. Ah, the shoes. As you can tell from my love letter to Betsey, they are from Betsey Johnson. Ben and I found these at Off Saks. They also had them in a deep forest green. It was a very difficult choice deciding on black or green. I had to have one of them! Look at the bottom of these babies! They are saying hi and winking at you with every step! They are platforms, and must be one of the highest heeled shoes I own. But remember, people, a platform offsets the heel! Height with comfort!

I will say, the combination of pencil skirt and platforms means you had better not have:
a. Meetings across town
b. Stairs to climb in a hurry

They do create quite the sashay, however!

The accessories? Matte silver earrings that I bought last year a Nordstrom on a trip to San Diego with the Hartunian sisters. My favorite necklace from Ben and a silver snake chain with a pendant from Silpada complete the look.

Finally back at home, today was a no workout day. I easily transitioned from work to relax by taking off the formal stuff and throwing on comfy cotton PJ bottoms. I was baking oatmeal cookies in this pic!

I have brought baked goods to the office both days so far this week. In order to protect my tupperware - I am notorious for not bringing it home - I have been transporting the items in a foil lined shoe box. Today after a meeting my friend Jennifer (Hi Jennifer!) said "Um, what's with the shoe box?" She totally thought she was busting me on a purchase! No,she wasn't, but it was an easy assumption!

BTW, yes, I am that person at your office that you hate because she bakes and brings it all to work. and YES, I do eat it. Half a cookie is on my food log tonight as proof at NM! I will plan for a whole one tomorrow! They were tasty!

A great big welcome to all of my friends from Nutrimirror and to those that found us via Glamour!

Now, the dress results are in! By a 2:1 margin, the Red Dress is our Las Vegas winner! I will be strutting up and down the LV strip in that pretty number. Oh boy, that is going to be an interesting night!

Thanks for checking in! Please, leave me honest feedback on my wardrobe choice, and check out the vote at the bottom of the page!




  1. I was just poking around online for some vintage dresses for Halloween and maybe even to wear out on occasion and these are the kind of shoes I see going with the dresses I like! You should check out this site...unique vintage. There was a dress that made me think of you...I'll have to look it up and send you a pic. I think they have a store in Burbank, but I don't think I'll be able to make a trip down before Halloween. I can't stand to be pulling at clothing all day, so I usually get rid of anything that doesn't fit well. I would ditch the skirt. I dig the off the shoulder look though!

  2. Okay, here's the address. I like the main "little black dress" that first comes up too, but the one I was thinking of is the Stop Staring dress 40's style Black Stretch Park Avenue. I seem to like this maker Stop Staring. I know you can't buy anything for a year, but maybe a head's up to Ben. ;)


  3. The shoes are spectacular. Love them. And, the top is cool ... it's a keeper. As for the skirt, I agree with Carrie ... if it doesn't fit right, get rid of it.

    Btw, the side-view pose is also a keeper.

  4. I'm amazed that you make everything look so good. And BTW, I AM blog-stalking you. I don't comment often, and rarely vote. But I love your blog! (And your wardrobe--when I look like you, wanna trade?)

  5. The whole ensemble looks great, but if it is uncomfortable and you have to adjust it continuously then it needs to go.
    Pulling at and having to adjust all day is not attractive.
    Love the shoes, someday I hope to be able to wear great shoes like that.

  6. I just laughed out loud at Bethany's comment!
    Carrie - you want to give ME a website to look at? You are killing me! I can't buy anything! (I will look for fun though!)
    Candy - the side view pose is thanks to pesky Ben. You never know when the camera is on! He was across the room!
    wjmom - stalk away! When the clothes are available and you are ready, let me know!

  7. Carrie thanks for the website! I LOVE vintage and have been on etsy.com every night adding vintage bead necklaces to my shopping cart (but not buying them).

    Kel - It's a shame this skirt doesn't fit you right because it is really pretty. But thumbs down. Love the happy shoes and top!

  8. I have major MAJOR shoe envy! Those are quite possibly the cutest shoes I've ever seen. I hope that they are still available somewhere out there in shopping land.