Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dear Steve Madden

Yesterday Steve Madden got upset with me for choosing the Betsey Johnson platforms, and writing her a love letter. Today, I decided Steve would get his turn.

Dear Steve:

I love how you look. I really do! However, at around 1pm you started to squeek. I don't like squeeking when I walk. I might - and this is just a warning Steve, but I might just have to vote you out of the shoe closet myself! Please don't take it personally. You know I have other pairs of you in my closet that I adore. I will take them out soon, I promise.


I wanted something feminine today. I was going through some jewelry of mine last night and came across a pair of earrings I might wear for Erika's wedding. They are white gold/aquamarine and diamonds. They were a purchase from QVC. Yes, you heard me. I am a reformed home shopping addict. I have so many jewelry pieces from them. I even have a dress or two. No mom jeans or ugly Christmas sweaters with ducks or anything, I swear! Anyways, the earrings are delicate and sweet. I wanted to pick up the blue in them, and I thought of this dress.

I purchased it last year at Marshalls. It is Max Studio. I don't know what retailer had overpurchased on Max Studio last summer, but Marhsalls had a ton of cute things from them! I have a few cute tops too. Love them! I like that this dress is rather innocent - it reminds me of a little girl's dress. Pair it with Steve Madden Black Suede Platforms and you have anything but innocence! I normally am not a fan of babydoll dresses, as they can look shapeless. I think this one is cute, but I am letting you all decide!

Remember the red dress from Monday? You all gave it mixed reviews for the shape. I discovered a different issue with it today! I keep a cardigan around at the office in case I am cold, and am unprepared. The current is off white, and I had worn it Monday with the red dress. The damn dress "bled" all over my sweater!! That made it so much easier to say the red dress is going!

You might be curious...what has been voted out of the closet thus far? Click to take a walk down memory lane!

Off to the dry cleaners they will go, and I might try eBay first. The shoes will go to Goodwill.

Ben just recapped for me that there have been 24 roughly 341 days left..."Do you have enough outfits to do this?"

We will see, won't we? I guess you will all have to stay tuned!

Thanks for checking in. Check out the vote at the bottom of the page!




  1. Question:
    How do we learn about the voting results? Have we already been over this topic? Did I miss something?

  2. okay, i feel like an a**. I didn't even read this entire post.

  3. LOL Bethany! I decided a recap was in order! Great minds think alike!

    And I can hear Gilda Radner..."Nevermind".

  4. Squeaky shoes just have to go, you have lots of cute black shoes.
    The dress:
    Pros - Looks very comfortable, would be cute at the beach with some low-key sandals, or just kicking around the house.
    Cons - Does not show off your figure, looks like I could gain weight and no one would even notice.
    BTW do you have any Jessica Simpson shoes? My daughter in law has just discovered that she can wear heals and my son has purchased several pairs for her. I told her that I have dibs on them if she gets tired of them. She just laughed and said okay!

  5. Another dress I'll gladly purchase if you are getting rid of ;-) It looks very Country Tart!

  6. Kel, you know I love you. You know you have sent me back to Jewelry Shopping by inspiring me with this blog. I am a true Kel follower. And having said that, since I know you depend on us to tell you our true opinions, I will tell you what I really think. Hopefully this Ellie Mae Clampett schmatta looks better in person because I can't stand it in this picture. If you took away the ruffly hem and the puffy way it fits across the shoulders in that back shot, I would like it better, I think. I'm glad you are wearing these gorgeous if quacking shoes, becase throw in some stompy boots and a blonde wig and ..... In summary: MYLF. Your hair looks pretty today.

  7. Karyn - I love you and I am ROFLMAO!!!

  8. I don't know, it's not perfect but it is kinda cute...

  9. I'm going to go against the norm and say I absolutely love this dress! It's very classic 50's house wife. If it gets voted out can I please give you my address so you can send it my way? :)