Monday, September 21, 2009

"Don't Wish Your Life Away..."

Today started as any other Monday. Well, perhaps I was a tad crankier than I normally am. Ben - stop laughing!

My first words of the day were "I hate getting up when it is dark out." I grumbled my way through breakfast and 2 cups of coffee. I even complained about it to my friends on Nutrimirror.
The early dark means a cold Minnesota winter is not far away. Ugh. Maybe a third cup of coffee would help, I thought.

I started out with a much different outfit in mind. When I went into the closet, however, there was something distracting; the bright red sleeve peeking out amongst the rest, as if to say "pick me, pick me!" So I did. I picked this dress.

I had purchased this dress late last summer (a year ago) on eBay. When it arrived, I loved the color. The fit? I will let you decide. I dared to ask Ben that question today that makes men shudder and run in fear: "Does this dress make me look fat?" He laughed at me! I guess I should be grateful that with my crabby disposition this morning he didn't run!

Because this dress was so bright I decided to keep the shoes rather low key. I purchased these shoes at DSW almost 2 years ago. I had gotten a gift certificate at Christmas from a friend. I think I purchased these just because I liked saying "A platform peep toe patent leather Mary Jane ". It is rather musical, don't you think?

It was time to accessorize, and I was originally thinking pearls, but then knew I wanted to continue the non-neutral theme of the day, so I grabbed this strand of beads. An earring designed by my friend Sue completed the ensemble.

By the time we got outside, the school buses had picked up all of the neighorhood children and the sun was out. Eager to soak it in, I stepped off of the porch and said "How about the stairs?" I mustered up a smile - the results you see here!

Off we went, Ben "driving Miss Daisy to work" as he calls it. By the time I got to the office, the veil of grumpiness was lifted, the caffeine had kicked in, and I was truly ready to start my day.

I decided to check my gmail, and the best part of the day was about to happen and it was not even 9 a.m.! A name I did not recognize, but from the preview I was immediately excited."Thanks so much for sending along a link to your blog..." I had emailed the blog to Glamour on Friday. I figured they knew fashion, why not see how they would respond? Remember my motto "Do what you have always done, get what you have always gotten"? It does not apply only to diet and exercise!

A series of emails back and forth, and I am excited to share that I was featured today on! Click the link to see the article. My thanks to Tracey Lomrantz at for her efforts today making this happen!

So, now we finally get to the title of today's blog. I was talking to my friend Theresa (hi Theresa!) at work. We were talking about her 2 daughters, the youngest one being jealous that the older one was tall enough to enjoy rides at the park. I was reminded of what my Dad used to say to us as kids; "Don't wish your life away...". You can spend every day wishing for something, trying to catch that elusive shooting star, only to find that what you missed was the pot of gold (or in my case silver) sitting right next to you.

So many good things have happened of late, I need to take a moment to look around me and see all the pots of silver. There are so many! I have my health, I have my Ben, I have wonderful kids, I have a wonderful group of friends, I have an extended family at Nutrimirror and amazing things happening as a result of that, and now, I have gotten featured on Time to give a little thanks out to the universe for the wonderful, amazing things that are happening to me. I am not going to wish my life away, I am going to savor every last minute of each and every day!

Now, you may be waiting for the results of the red vs pink dress debate. I am keeping it going for another day! Red is winning!

I would like your comments on this dress, and I am serious with this question: Does it Make Me Look Fat?

Thanks for checking in!




  1. Kel, first of all, you are amazing!!! Second, I love the red dress on you, I think it's adorable and NO! It does not make you look fat!!!

  2. Love the dress, LOVE the color and no, it does not make you look fat! My vote is "it's a keeper".

  3. Kel, answer is NO! it does not make you look fat!! :)

  4. Kel, I'm not so sure there is any piece of clothing out there that could make you look fat (for you simply are not!!!). Have a great day and rock that red dress!!

  5. Kel, as Victoria said, I don't think there's any piece of clothing that could make you look fat. Having said that, however, I'm going to go against the consensus so far and say, that the dress is very cute, but the fit doesn't seem just right for you. Maybe it's just the pictures, but my vote would be to let it go. Sorry.

  6. No apologies needed here Candy! Open feedback welcome!

  7. I don't care much for the cut on you myself kel, its a nice dress tho.

  8. Love the look Kel and the red is fabulous! Maybe a little tailoring in through the hips would give it a sleeker look? It definately doesn't make you look fat!

    Congrats on the blog! I've always loved reading your posts on NutriMirror and now I have your blog in my google reader right below The Sartorialist!

  9. Hm. I love the color, love the shape of the dress, love the neckline, love the hem length, but there is something just a little off. I think smsintl is right about a little tailoring through the hips. I wish I had some platform peep toe patent-leather Mary Janes. I wouldn't be able to walk in them but it is very cool to say! Much like indoor 3-D black light mini golf.

    I've enjoyed your heartfelt posts today, both here and on Nutrimirror. Kel, all you have to do is dream!

  10. The color is great and I love the neckline, but I'm not sure if it is the lighting, but it does look like it needs to be fitted better. If I remember correctly your rules do not say anything about tailoring. My vote is to keep the dress and have it altered to fit better, that is if it is made of good fabric, if not then donate it to your favorite charitable organization or return it to eBay.

  11. The lighting is definitely making it hard to read this photo -ask Ben to be mindful of shadows falling on you when he takes pictures.
    It's a nice dress, if anything it looks like it needs to be tailored to fit better. So maybe that's reason enough to let go of it. The shoes however -too cute! I love MaryJanes, any with a great heel, even better.