Monday, September 28, 2009

Fall is Here!

It is darned cold here today! It all started last night; when I got back to the Cities after my Duluth trip, it was 50 degrees. I reported last week that I am not happy getting up when it is dark out; add to that the joy of the cold? You can't imagine how pleasant I am to be around then!!

It was interesting getting dressed this morning. I ventured towards the cold weather clothes and realized the time had indeed come. What was difficult for me was that while I love my cold weather clothes, I was struck by a thought:

If I wear it now what will I wear when it is really cold.
Think about it. If I am not repeating my ensembles, I can't wear a dress and boots now because when it is really darned cold I will want to wear the boots then. Oh, the limits I have placed on myself! What have I done?

I had packed this turtleneck for the weekend, and never ended up wearing it. I decided the crisp cold air was a perfect excuse to wear it today. It is from the Gap 2 years ago. It is comfy and reminds me of the stockings worn by the witch in the "Wizard of Oz". Not trying to send a message out to the world today about my witchy attitude, am I?

The, I can't believe I am admitting, the person that loves every piece of clothing and the story attached to it. I cannot for the life of me remember where I bought it. No, that is not a cover for a WalMart purchase! It may have been from Target, but I really cannot remember! You probably (hmmm...if it does not get voted out!) will see this one a couple more times, as I love to layer different blouses underneath as well as turtlenecks.

I had my boots in my hand, and Ben asked if I was ready for the boots. I think he was reading my mind! Instead, I went with this lovely pair of black and grey pumps I got from Banana Republic last year. I love the details on them, especially the black strap that makes it rather Mary-Jane-ish. I got them last winter at the end of the season. Well, the end of the Banana Republic winter season. In Minnesota, winter doesn't seem to end until May!

We headed out to the garage side of the house today. Trying to give you as much of a view of the outdoors, I guess, before we are forced indoors. My hair shows you that it is "Winnie the Pooh's blustery day" outside. That is how I describe a very windy day!

I am excited about wearing my tights again this season as they seem quite popular in the fashion mags. I am not pleased, however, that I cannot purchase any new textured tights that are ALL OVER the place. *Sigh*. I skipped the tights for now. After all, you no my motto - never waste a shaved leg!

I am sharing an extra picture of my new friend Everett Otte. Everett is seen here today in an outfit that I got from him from Baby Gap to welcome him to the world. I think we need to petition the Gap to make these in adult sizes. Don't you agree? His mom is Jackie, and she was kind enough to send this picture to me today. I just had to share! Thanks Jackie!!

I look forward to your feedback. Remember, scroll all the way to the bottom to vote!

TaTa for now!

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  1. Kel, I like the outfit and think it should stay. Just wanted to let you know that the vote area is not anywhere, not even at the very bottom where it usually is. Have a great night and let the wind blow away the bad and bring in the good!

  2. Kel, voting here to let the outfit stay as there is no voting area. :( Love the shoes!!

  3. Oops. Sorry about no voting box! Will take care of that shortly!

  4. Love it, love it, love it. And the tossled hair goes well with the look. If you hadn't mentioned in your post that it was windy, I would have thought you styled it that way.

    You look great!

  5. Very nice. This outfit's definitely a keeper. (P.S. I want your legs--in a very non-creepy way. :) )

  6. Okay, you want me to be honest right? I like the dress and love the shoes. I'm not a huge fan of turtle necks anyway and I don't like the lines. I'm not sure what is not working for me. You look great in it though!