Saturday, September 5, 2009

JCrew and the Errand Day!

What do I need to accomplish today?

Exercise - done. A 20 mile bike ride complete!
Grocery, when I say grocery store, that actually means several stores. As many of you know, I am a loyal Trader Joe-aholic. I love their produce, their cereals, their ready to go meals, the ambiance, the get the picture.

I am also a card carrying Costco member. Even if it is just for milk and eggs, I need to go there once a week. I do have plans to get a few other baking staples from there this week.

Then there are the items TJs and Costco don't carry...and I will have to hit my "regular" grocery store for that.

I need, and I mean need, my favorite hair goop. For that, I must go to the mall...this is a scary thing for me! An adventure to the mall and not come out with some clothing item? I will have to be satisfied with my hair product purchase. Hell, that is expensive enough! BTW, it is Jonathan's Dirt...a texturizing product I adore!

I would love a pedicure/manicure too...I am still having an internal debate about getting that done. You know...the money to spend vs. just doing it myself.

So, exercise, errands, and what else? Ah yes, my online class stuff.

After the bike ride today, I took a quick shower, through some shite in my hair (no blowdryer today) and a little color on the face. Ben had errands of his own, and I wanted to make sure we got a picture in! I literally grabbed for the first pair of jeans and a white tshirt. I did not plan that they were both from just worked out that way! The flip flops are from JCrew as well...see Carrie? I have flipflops too!

I have not talked a lot about accessories...I needed a belt today (always a nice feeling when you need a belt vs. it just being to complete the outfit). This one is from Silpada. I love Silpada. If you have a jewelry problem like I do, do NOT google them. If you are interested, check it out. It is one of those "host a party" or attend a party type of products. I would highly recommend them!

You can see it is a lovely day here in sad that those front steps will be covered in snow...way sooner than I would like!

Off to the the store(s)! Oh, one more thing - just because it is a Saturday does not mean anyone should leave the house in garbage. Yes, these jeans have holes, but they are supposed to be there. It took me 35 minutes to get ready today. I could have thrown on a pair of sweats, a wrinkled tshirt and have been done in the same amount of time. I guess I have too much respect for the other shoppers, and for ME too! Are you with me? And - last lecture for today - I do not care what your size, shape, weight, etc is...if you have a pair of jeans that hit practically underneath your bra - burn them! Mom jeans are not for anyone!

I am not parting with these wardrobe weekend, today's question:

Do you say "sneaker" or "tennis shoe"?

Have a great Saturday all!




  1. I say sneaker - I don't play tennis!

  2. Wow, a 20 mile bike ride.......Wowwwwwwww!!!! Let me ask you a question, when you ride your bike for that many miles, how many calories do you actually burn???
    I guess I could just look it up on NM, huh??? LOL, The reason I ask is because yesterday I had a few minutes before my exercise class, so instead of walking/jogging on the treadmill I decided to get on a stationary bike and rode it for about 5 miles and I ONLY BURNED 100 CALORIES!!! So clearly, I was thinking to myself "what the heck????" That is totally not even worth it!!!

    BTW: LOL, sorry for getting carried away, I really love the outfit, I am so glad you do have flip flops I was beginning to wonder. I also really love the way your hair looks in this picture. Thanks for keeping it, this way I don't have to vote!!! You should go for the mani/pedi since you can't shop for new clothes, why not look great in your current clothes???

    As for all the stores you shop at. I am glad I live in the suburbs and lots and lots of shopping establishments are close by. I know what you mean by being a "card carrying Costco member" I am a member of Sams Club, I have to go by there at least once a week as well.

    I SAY SNEAKER!!!!!
    TTYL: I am looking forward to Sunday's outfit!!!

  3. On a 20 mile ride I average 650 calories. And I Hate the stationary bike!! I would rather do 20 on mine than 5 on that torture device any day. It is the ome thing I hate more than the elliptical!

  4. Kel, love the hair today! I say tennis shoes.

  5. You are one cool cat. Love those flip-flops by the way. ;) How DO yo do it? You even make a white-T look sexy! :o) And I concur with the "mom jeans" lecture. The best thing about losing weight is being able to find more cute styles of jeans. I was able to in bigger sizes too, but they are few and far between, as well as outrageously priced. The market knows they have you between a rock and hard place. Anyway, wore my size sixteen hip-huggers out last night and felt amazing!

    I say tennis shoe for some reason. Don't play tennis either. hmm.

  6. A fantasy of mine when I was overweight was to design clothes for the overweight. I wish I had the talent to do so! I recall the challenges of trying to look cute while mainstream America only wanted me to be dowdy :(.

    Rock those hip huggers Angel!

  7. I say sneakers. I also remember watching Jonathan have a melt-down on Blow Out when he was starting to market Dirt. :) Glad to see he got it together. You, on the other hand, always have it together! When do we get to start voting again? I crave the power.

  8. I love it! Yes, today my sneakers were running shoes!

  9. I don't play tennis either but I say tennys. Maybe it is because I heard it so often here. I used to say sneakers when I lived in NJ.

    As for the Silpada - I love their jewelry. Very good quality. I just had a Silpada party a couple of weeks ago.

    I also agree with the practice of going out looking decent even when just going to run errands. Have a great weekend!