Friday, September 18, 2009

My Ben is Home!

I think you can tell from the smile on my face Ben is home!

This was a long time to not see him or talk to him! 4 days! I survived...I did not like it, but I did it!

On to the clothes!

The jeans are Hudson brand jeans. I think I wore the straight leg version a couple of casual Fridays ago? These are the boot cut version. I love dark denim as it feel it is a little more "formal" or "dressed up". I had to show you the, uh, rear view. These jeans have good pocket placement. I did not wear a belt, though I probably should have...I made sure not to squat down for any reason today!

The top is two pieces, but you can't really see that in the pic. I am wearing a cami top from Banana Republic that I got from one of the outlets years ago. I have a few camis in basic colors. Because I am such a fan of cardigans and blazers, they allow for a variety of options.

The sweater on top is actually a shrug... I got it when shrugs were everywhere! It is about 4 years old. I bought it from a boutique in Libertyville, Illinois called Catwalk. (I lived in Illinois for 3 years.) I loved Catwalk. It was in the same parking lot as my hair stylist. Every time I got my hair cut/colored I would stop in Catwalk. I got to know Jackie, the manager, quite well! It got to the point that she started setting things aside that she "knew I would love". She knew me well! I thought this shrug was adorable! The color you see on it is actually stitched words...phrases like "hug me", "smile", "dolce vita" and little symbols...hearts, stars, etc. It is fun...but I can tell you I have not worn it for about 3 years! When I have considered wearing it before, too much off the muffin top was bubbling over. It worked today as not a crumb from that muffin top was showing! The poll for today is whether or not to keep it! I used to have a "not worn for a year, it is gone" rule, but for some reason I have held on to this. Has it overstayed it's welcome?

I love these Off Saks purchase, again from when I lived in Illinois. They are what I call can figure it out! I love the pointy toe with a boot cut jean. It just works :). They are sling backs, and have a lovely pink heel.

I am really looking forward to this weekend. Ben being home, plus I am going shoe shopping tomorrow! Erika, Gretchen and I are headed to the mall to find shoes for the wedding and go to lunch. Because it is the only shoe purchase of the year, this is going to be fun!

Will report in tomorrow! Hopefully I find a pair! One month until the wedding!

Thanks for checking in!




  1. Oh MAMA! Yikes girl. :o) You really are phenomenal! I love the shrug actually and the shoes are awesome! I looked at some shoes today and thought of you. They were flats though, ballerina style. I behaved myself. I will now forever think of you in the shoe department! Have a lovely time tomorrow and DON'T behave yourself. ;)

    Thank you for all your kind words Kel, you always make me feel special. :o)

  2. This outfit rocks!! Of course keep the shrug - it's adorable. I don't even want to tell you what I thought of when you said BFShoes; in my village we call them CFMs. :)

  3. Sorry ladies, but I must disagree...the shrug has indeed outstayed it's welcome.

  4. Wow,Kel, you look awesome!!!
    I happen to be a fan of cardigans myself and I love the shrug. I really think it's a keeper.